Seven points for acceptance of woodworking project

1. The seams of gap wood sealing line, corner line, and waistline veneer are not more than 0.2mm, the angle between the line and the line mouth is not more than 0.3mm, and the interface between the veneer and the plate is not more than 0.2mm, the sliding surface error is not Beyond 0.3mm. 2、Structural inspection structure...80 couples marriage house petty bourgeois marriage room mood fashion embodiment · A member enjoys exclusive cash discount · Mediterranean style blue + white · mosaic even for the home art young hot mom 50,000 to create two homes Shop No. 1 Cash Discount Coupon · Floor heating This winter is not afraid of cold · Small apartment mix new trend · 200,000 luxury to create 95 flat space · Dulux paint cost-effective big PK · TV wall small space big content 1, crevices

The wood sealing line, corner line, waistline veneer meet the mouth seam not exceeding 0.2mm, the line and the line mouth slot joint does not exceed 0.3mm, the veneer panel and the plate contact mouth does not exceed 0.2mm, the sliding surface door entire surface error does not exceed 0.3mm .

2, the structure

Check if the structure is straight. Whether horizontal or vertical, the correct carpentry practices should be straight.

3, corner

See if the corner is accurate. The normal corners are all 90 degrees, except for special design factors.

4, parquet

See if the spell is tight and accurate. The correct wooden pattern is to be seamless or to maintain a uniform distance.

5, modeling

Check if the arc and roundness are smooth and sleek. In addition to a single, a number of the same shape to ensure consistency in the shape. It should ensure that the surface of the woodworking project is flat and there is no drum or breakage. Symmetrical carpentry projects should be symmetrical.

6, cabinet door

Try to see if the cabinet door switch is normal. When the door is open, it should be light and no noise.

7, nail eyes

The nails used in the suspended ceiling structure need to be coated with rust paint on the nail eyes.

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