Research and Application of Coarse Grain Rings on 6063 Extruded Thick Plates

[China Aluminum Network] The main alloying elements of 6XXX series alloys are magnesium and silicon, and the structure is quite simple. The main composition is Mg2Si phase. Under the heat treatment state, Mg2Si dissolves in aluminum, making the alloy have artificial aging strengthening ability. . 6063 is an alloy which is insensitive to stress corrosion in Al-Mg-Si series aluminum alloys, has moderate strength, excellent extrusion performance, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and good processability, thus it can be widely used [1 ]. With the development of science and technology and the widening of the application market, some customers have higher and higher requirements for products, and have also made demands on grain size.

Many aluminum alloy extruded products are heat-treated (quenched and annealed), forming a deep layer of coarse recrystallized grains at the periphery of the product, and the coarse-grained region and the fine-grained region have obvious boundaries, and coarse crystals The depth of the ring increases from the front to the end of the extruded article. The coarse-grained ring is one of the main defects in the aluminum alloy extrusion products. When the fracture surface forms a large part of the coarse-grained ring region, the mechanical properties and fatigue strength of the material are significantly reduced. When the surface of the product is treated (oxidation of silver, white, etc.), lines and streaks appear on the surface of the product, affecting the decorative effect. The 6063 aluminum alloy is prone to coarse-grained rings when it comes to producing thicker plates. In this paper, we will study how to reduce and control the presence of coarse grained rings in 6063 aluminum alloys.

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