[Renovation list] understand the decoration budget list to do smart owners

The decoration list is the most troublesome problem in house decoration, because it is related to the quality of our decoration and the time and money for decoration. However, how do you develop a reasonable decoration list ? The owners all hope that they can reduce costs and decorate the buildings with good results. However, from the design to the use of materials, the design results are good, but the prices are prohibitive. In particular, the cost of main materials may account for more than half of the home furnishing. There are a variety of decoration companies and quotations on the market. How much does it cost us to decorate a house? Here we come to learn about the decoration budget list!

Home Decoration List I. Direct Expense + (Direct Cost X Composite Factor) = Total Cost

Direct costs include: materials, equipment accessories, freight and labor costs. The freight rate in the city is generally 1.5%, and the labor cost is generally 30 to 50 yuan for 1 working day. The comprehensive coefficient includes: profit, various construction charges, taxation fees, generally about 20%. The tax is about 3.8%, and the management fee is about 7-10%. If the direct cost is 20,000 yuan and the comprehensive coefficient is 20%, then the total cost = 20,000 + (20,000X20%) = 24,000 yuan.


The above calculation methods belong to the "transparent quotation" commonly used by large companies, that is, the unit price of each material does not exceed the market guidance price. This is very important for those who demand high-end decoration. If the total cost of decorating 500,000 yuan, a difference of 1,2 percentage points is a spread of 10,000 yuan. However, the general decoration company adopts a relatively simple method, that is, total cost = material fee + labor fee.

Home decoration list II. The total sum of the cost of the individual project contracting materials = total cost

If the cost of artificial materials for latex paint is 15 yuan per square meter and the area to be painted is 150 square meters, the single project price for the wall project will be equal to 2,250 yuan, and the individual cost of each project will be calculated one by one. And then sum, the sum is the total cost.


If the user supplies materials or equipment by himself, the corresponding materials or equipment shall be deducted. Estimated cost of home decoration, the general use of package materials more methods, special decoration prices are negotiable. After the price has been negotiated by both parties, it is possible to sign a decoration contract. In the contract, it is necessary to indicate that the total cost will be packaged once. If there is a change, another increase or decrease will be made.

In general, the total cost of decorating should be 10% to 20% of the house price. At present, people are pursuing comfort-oriented, and the distribution ratio of material costs is reasonable: toilets and kitchens account for 45%, halls account for 35%, and bedrooms account for 20%. The cost is 100 to 500 yuan/square meter for the low-grade decoration, 500 to 1000 yuan/square meter for the mid-range decoration, 1000 to 1,500 yuan/square meter for the middle-grade decoration, and 1500 to 2,000 yuan/square meter for the high-grade decoration , 2000 yuan / square meters for the super high-end decoration. You can click here to locate the decoration standards and estimate the required fees.


The decoration budget is the part that the owners care about most. It fully understands the home decoration budget list. Let us all be smart owners and choose a more convenient and quick way to understand the cost of home decoration.

Home decoration list three, what are the common tricks

1, deliberately missing material

Some of the main materials were deliberately omitted on the decoration quotation. The owners were attracted by this kind of overall reasonable price quotation, and the contract was readily agreed upon. However, in the course of the subsequent renovation, the owners will continue to decorate these malicious “forgotten” companies. Add money. To resolve this risk, the owner must require the decoration company to clearly state all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself.

2, the unit of measurement Zhang Guan Li Dai

This move is the most difficult for the general owner to see through, because the owner rarely noticed the unit on the decoration list, do not understand the different units means that the quoted figures are very different. For example, if a shoe is customized, the quotation says "Main material: 8mm glass shelf + +1cm tempered glass + mirror + accessories, unit: item, quantity: 1". It seems to be very reasonable. In fact, the size of the shoe cabinet is not Explain that they have left the opportunity to drill. Owners should be required to calculate in accordance with the actual area, such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, etc., as little as possible to "item" as a unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process.

3, low-cost temptation trap

Owners usually consult friends who have been renovated beforehand, or go to the market to understand the price of a certain material, but the information they understand is often one-sided. For example, the owner knows the current unit price of floors and tiles, but it does not necessarily know how much the labor costs for floor installation and tiling, so the owners have pressed down the prices of floors and tiles, but they have suffered major losses in labor costs and losses. Therefore, when the owner looks at the decoration quotation, he should not only pay attention to the single item price of a certain project, but must determine the cost of labor, loss, etc., as well as the cost of other items.

4, the specification quality is vague

This is a relatively common trick for non-standard decoration companies. Although some materials are required to specify the number of materials required, it does not indicate what quality, what brand, or what type of material is used. Owners should require each item of the quotation to specify the elements of the material as detailed as possible. During the renovation period, check whether the relevant materials are purchased according to the specified requirements.

5, the construction process is vague

Looking at the numbers and not reading the textual descriptions are common mistakes that most owners make when they look at the quotation. They always feel that a digital error will cause losses, and the written explanations certainly cannot be used. This is not the case. Whether it is the construction of the wall coating, the construction of the floor, or the construction of the sewage pipeline, each has its own construction process requirements, and a process has been missed in the middle. In the future life, it may cause you a lot of troubles, such as paint falling off the wall and water seepage in the bathroom. Most of them are due to the renovation of the construction process. Therefore, the owner is better to learn a little more decoration knowledge, try to understand the interior decoration of the various construction technology standards, and regularly go to the decoration site to understand the process, so there is a certain degree of prevention.

Xiao Bian Comments: To fully understand the home decoration budget list, let us all be smart owners, choose a more convenient and quick way to understand the cost of their own home decoration list .

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