Reminder: Never save money in home renovations

Renovation is a huge project, and the quality of home improvement is "the most important thing." To ensure the quality of decoration, we must pay attention to a few places in the decoration that must not be saved. Here we list them one by one and give you a wake-up call for your renovation.

Ruthless water, switch sockets to buy good. Most of the fakes on the market are sockets. Most people can't tell whether they are genuine or not. Therefore, it is recommended that these socket outlets should be purchased in building materials supermarkets or well-known brand outlet stores as much as possible.

Paint is best purchased in supermarkets. One will not buy fakes, and it may be cheaper to buy in the supermarket. The second is not to buy enough weight. The general coating may be a barrel of 5 kg, but sometimes, the building materials market may be short of two pounds, which may seem cheap on the surface, but it is still a disadvantage.

Cement also has a shelf life. As long as the tiles are used, cement will be used, but in addition to the construction methods of the Baoqing workers, few people think that cement will be the best. The quality of cement is directly related to the tile's adhesive strength. If you do not want to stay for 2 to 3 months, the tiles will come off drums and come off. It is recommended that you purchase high-quality brand-name cement from supermarkets.

Daixin board can be considered to buy the most expensive. When each decoration, Daxin board will be used more or less, its quality is directly related to the indoor formaldehyde content, so you can not save money on the big core board.

Brand-name sanitary ware is more water-efficient. The cheapest toilet on the market, not more than 100 yuan, but the brand-name manufacturers will sell 1500 to 3,000 yuan, cheap products in the water consumption, noise, water seal function and other performance, and brand-name products are indeed very different.

One of the fire protection and anti-rust paints can not be less. Did your family's woodwork brush fireproof paint? Do all the nails have anti-rust paint on their eyes? If it is not, it must be a worker cutting corners.

Can not save local cement coating socket switch home improvement

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