Rapid development of tools, do not ignore technological innovation and quality assurance

In the past 10 years, China's tool industry has continued to grow at a high speed. It has experienced the baptism of the financial turmoil in the winter of 2009 and the spring of 2010. Although many small businesses have closed down, many new partners have been added, and they are still developing rapidly with strong momentum. It is a joy and a worry, and people in the industry have different opinions. Behind the rapid development, enterprises are also clearly aware that the high growth rate of the domestic tool industry is not high, and a considerable number of them are profitable at the expense of the environment and based on cheap labor. Twist drills, taper shank drills, taps, saw blades and other low-end markets are in a mixed battle, while high-end products are growing slowly. Most of the high-tech, sophisticated, and sophisticated tools in the automotive, mold, and aerospace industries rely on imports. At present, China's metal cutting tools have begun to shift from high-speed steel tools to the development and production of cemented carbide tools, but the strength is not enough, still in the low-end. Therefore, it is imperative to take the transition of high-end products as a very important task, especially the slowdown of US economic growth, the weak European market, and the obstruction of low-end tool exports. From the perspective of energy and raw materials, a large number of low-end export tools are out of date. The government will not give force. Statistics from the China Machine Tool Industry Association show that China consumes 40% of the world's tool materials, and sales revenue accounts for only 12% to 15% of the world's tools. To this end, the development of China's tool industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan period will present the following trends: (1) The momentum of high-speed development is unstoppable, due to macro-control, but it is still in a stage of sustainable development. (2) Speed, accuracy, efficiency and environmental protection have become the industry consensus. (3) The competition is fierce. The restructuring and restructuring of state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises have settled in, private enterprises have risen, the survival of the fittest, poor management, bankruptcy and bankruptcy are inevitable. In response to the above-mentioned severe situation, the domestic tool industry should review the situation and take the market as the guide, actively adjust the industrial structure, upgrade the product grade, and develop new tools that are suitable for people's livelihood, such as automobiles, high-speed rail, and home appliances. Looking around the hot machinery, molds, energy and other popular industries in recent years, China's tool market prospects are very broad. Nowadays, China has become a major machinery manufacturing country in the world. Where is the world's tool market in the future? In China, occupying the Chinese market has occupied the international market.

It is no doubt that it would be more convenient and safer to use a slicer tool than knives, as far as the effectiveness the slicer tools perform better on slicing works, which have more tangent uniform and edge with the equal pieces. Especially we could finish the works in a few seconds, it is very efficient and easy to clean, and the slicer tools are safe in dishwasher.

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