Rail chain elevator lift installation instructions

The track chain type hydraulic lifting platform is a non-scissor type hydraulic lifting platform.
The maximum load is 10 tons. The upper and lower floors are interlocked and interlocked to achieve safe use. With a high lift height, the use of bypass cylinders or dual-test cylinders provides smooth operation, no noise, easy maintenance and long service life. Manual power-down and emergency stop Buttons, convenient, fast, practical; Pit depth is generally 15cm-30cm, top height is not limited, can be customized according to the site environment; Overall use of high strength manganese steel rectangular pipe manufacturing, with steel wire rope balance adjustment, all floors and lifting The tabletop can be set with operation buttons to achieve multi-point control, and the upper and lower floors can be safely used through the interlocking chain. The inside and outside of the factory can be opened with each other to facilitate and save space; it is especially suitable for 2-3 layers of steel structure workshops, both inside and outside Use; pumping station uses Lishen joint venture pump station, if the speed requirement is too high, the use of imported custom pump station, to achieve the desired delivery requirements, imported parts and components of the oil cylinder and seals, to solve the customer's oil pressure instability, spare parts oil leakage problem. And no upper hanging point is required. Diversification of forms.

The equipment runs smoothly, the operation is simple and reliable, and it has various hydraulic and electrical protections. The cargo transportation is economical and convenient. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises instead of elevators to lift goods. It has the characteristics of simple structure, large load capacity, long service life, convenient maintenance, safety and practicality, etc. It is especially suitable for places where the underground can't be excavated with wells. The use of hydraulic cylinders as the main power, through the heavy chain and wire rope drive, to ensure the absolute safety of the machine operation. There is no need for pits and machine rooms, and it is particularly suitable for basements, warehouses, new shelves, etc. It is easy to install and maintain, beautiful, safe, and easy to operate. The actual production is based on the actual environment of the site.

The product has a sturdy structure, large carrying capacity, smooth lifting, and easy installation and maintenance.
It is an ideal cargo delivery device for economical and practical replacement of elevators in low floors. According to the installation environment and the use requirements of the lifting platform, the fixed hydraulic elevators of different platforms may be selected, and different optional configurations may be selected to complete the task of lifting the objects and achieve better use effects.
This product is mainly used in chemical, high temperature, high pressure, power plants, nuclear industrial base, explosives and other explosion-proof enterprises.

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