Qingdao Research Institute of Energy Storage has made important progress in all-solid polymer lithium battery research

Recently, a new generation all-solid-state polymer lithium battery was successfully developed based on the Qingdao Institute of Energy Storage Industry and Technology, which was established by the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The relevant research results were published in Scientific Reports, Chem. Comm., Progress in Polymer, respectively. Science and Journal of the Electrochemical Society et al.

With the development of electric vehicle technology, it places higher requirements on power lithium batteries in terms of high power output and safety performance. Diaphragm electrolyte system is one of the bottlenecks restricting the rapid development of power lithium batteries. The development of high-safety diaphragms and new polymer electrolyte systems is critical to improving the overall performance of power lithium-ion batteries.

Dr. Cui Guanglei, Executive Director of Qingdao Energy Storage Institute, led researchers to successfully develop high-security and high-voltage-resistant power lithium battery separators using technologies such as wet-process papermaking, interface coupling, and functional modification with completely independent intellectual property rights. The separator has excellent characteristics of high temperature resistance, excellent flame-retarding performance, good electrolyte infiltration, etc., and greatly improves the rate performance and safe use performance of the lithium battery, and is displayed in the third-party evaluation of the Nano Strategic Leading Special Organization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The excellent high-voltage performance was highly evaluated by the project's chief scientist and related leaders. Relevant research results were published in the Nature Journal Scientific Reports (2014, 4: 3935) and Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2014, 161: A1032-A1038).

Traditional liquid lithium-ion batteries have a great safety risk due to the use of flammable carbonate solvents and polyolefin separators. Researchers have successfully developed an all-solid-state polymer electrolyte that is rigid, flexible, and flexible by using self-developed flame-retardant cellulose as a substrate, through functional modification and coupling and other related processes. The relevant research results were published in Scientific Reports (2014, 4: 6272).

Compared with traditional polyethylene oxide pure solid polymer electrolyte, this all-solid polymer electrolyte has high mechanical strength (45 MPa), high electrochemical window (> 4.6 V), excellent rate charge and discharge performance (10 C) and a wide temperature range (25°C-160°C) have broad application prospects and industrial value. At present, Qingdao Energy Storage Institute is optimizing process parameters and is striving to take the lead in realizing industrial demonstration on economical electric vehicles. (Reporter Wang Jiangao's official correspondent)

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