Precautions for safe use of pesticides during hot season

Summer is the high incidence period of pests and diseases , and it is also the season with the highest frequency of pesticide use. If you do not pay attention to medication safety, it will cause accidents such as crop phytotoxicity, excessive pesticide residues, environmental pollution, and human and animal poisoning. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to safety in summer.

First, no high-toxic and high-residue pesticides are needed. High-efficiency, low-toxic, low-residue, environmentally-friendly pesticides and biological agents are preferred.

Second, carefully read the label before using the medicine, and do not use the pesticide without the label or the label is illegible, to prevent the misuse of the pesticide.

Third, pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment before using the medicine. First, clean the test sprayer with clean water to prevent leakage, and prevent the residual pesticide from harming the crops. Spraying herbicide sprayers should be used exclusively; pay attention to alternate use of drugs to prevent the development of resistance to pests and diseases; summer spray should be carried out before 10 am or after 5 pm.

The fourth is to pay attention to the spraying time and avoid the high temperature period as much as possible. When the drug is used at high temperature, people are easily poisoned, crops are prone to phytotoxicity, and the control effect is poor, and should be avoided as much as possible. Pay attention to the wind direction, do not spray on the wind, stop spraying when there is a cyclone.

The fifth is to pay attention to protection and reduce naked skin. Wear rubber gloves and anti-virus masks when dispensing. Use special equipment to measure. Wear long pants and pants, wear protective gloves such as hats, masks and gloves. Do not eat, drink or smoke during the application.

Sixth, rational dispensing of drugs to avoid blindly increasing the amount of drugs used and increasing the risk of crop damage. It should be prepared in strict accordance with the recommended dosage on the pesticide label; the dosage form of granules and wettable powder should be prepared by “second dilution method”; the dosage and application frequency should not be increased arbitrarily, and the mixture should be appropriately reduced when mixed. the amount.

Seven is not to fatigue medication. The spraying amount should be large, and the concentrated spraying should be arranged reasonably for a long time. The fatigue should be cleaned and rested in time. Old, weak, women, and children have poor resistance, and it is not appropriate to participate in disease prevention and pest control.

Eighth, for the land that has just sprayed pesticides, it is necessary to set up obvious signs to prevent man-made mowing, grazing, digging wild vegetables and eating melons; strictly observe the safety interval regulations; pesticide waste packaging is strictly forbidden to use as it, not littering It is necessary to concentrate on deep burial.

Nine is to keep pesticides safe and avoid contact or misuse by the elderly and children.

Ten is to immediately send the doctor to the symptoms of poisoning and bring the label of the pesticide used. During the application process, pesticides splash into the eyes or on the skin, and rinse with plenty of water in time. Change the underwear in time after spraying, wash your face and exposed skin, remember not to use hot water. If symptoms such as headache, nausea, shortness of breath, vomiting, etc. occur during the spraying process, stop the operation immediately. If the poisoning is serious, immediately carry the pesticide package to the nearby hospital for treatment.

More pesticide knowledge , please pay attention to China Pesticide Network

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