Practical is the era of the king is the creativity

Su grapefruit impression is transformation for Hanya Huang room furniture Limited. In the complicated furniture market, the transformation is easy to succeed. Suyou Impression Furniture succeeded in realizing the transformation of furniture with its excellent selection of materials and various creative and thoughtful designs. Let's let Xiaobian take everyone together for a warmhearted furniture trip!


The dining car with four small wheels always carries an elegant aristocratic atmosphere, and Xiaobian has only seen it on TV. Smooth lines with a slight curvature, layered storage, delicate small wheels, small and charming, very light and easy to use. Underneath the dining car, the designer built a safe place for wine and wine glasses, inverted wine glasses, neat red wine, which not only saves space, but also highlights the fashion sense of furniture. Sure enough, "people rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle", furniture also needs creativity to get the essence of improvement.


Comfortable benches, lying on the top of the book to read the newspaper is the most enjoyable, but where should the books and newspapers be placed? Place it on the chair and place it on the coffee table too far, it is not convenient to pick it up. Su Yu impression took into account these conditions in the design, specially made a groove under the armrest, concealed and convenient, no need to bother finishing, fashionable and novel.


The following can be said to be the favorite of Xiaobian, it is a standard for food and lazy goods. A small handrail coffee table, the interior is designed as a multi-layered object that can be pushed and pulled, increasing the storage area, placed separately layer by layer, looking beautiful and neat, very creative and intimate.

How about, after reading these introductions of Xiaobian, do you feel very warm? Su Yu impression has many other intimate designs, welcome to visit the GO Jiaju website.

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The so-called pharmaceutical intermediates are actually some chemical raw materials or chemical products used in the process of pharmaceutical synthesis. This chemical product, which does not require a production license of a drug, can be produced in a common chemical plant and can be used for the synthesis of drugs as long as it reaches some level.


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