Power saving principle

Adopt independent intellectual property technology, electromagnetic compensation principle, power electronic control technology, active filtering technology and advanced automatic intelligent control technology to automatically adjust the power saving gear position, optimize the power supply parameters, ensure good power quality, and effectively filter different sizes. The transient surge, reduce the suppression of harmonics, clutter, relatively balance the supply voltage, reduce the line loss, increase the effective power of the load, reduce the excess loss of excess active power, thus achieving the purpose of power saving.

This product is suitable for the installation of single-phase and three-phase lines. The power saving rate is guaranteed under the normal working condition of the power equipment. The commercial power saver is generally 10%-30%, which minimizes the user's electricity bill and can also be used for protection. The electrical equipment and extended service life are more than 1.5 times, which greatly reduces the maintenance and replacement costs of the electrical equipment. It also has the function of almost no power consumption, overload protection and alarm, short circuit protection. On the one hand, the improvement of the structure design of the motor body and the adoption of new materials are carried out to update the old motor; on the other hand, the external environment for improving the operation of the motor. The phase-controlled power-saving technology adopts the improvement of the external operating environment of the motor to realize dynamic power management, and is one of the two mainstream power-saving technologies of the AC motor complementary to the inverter.

Phase-controlled motor power saver adopts integrated circuit chip control technology and consists of foreign imported components such as microprocessor chip (CPU), thyristor, and integrated double-gate thyristor. The core technology is to dynamically track the change of motor load, adjust the voltage and current during motor operation (complete the operation within one second), ensure that the output torque of the motor matches the actual load demand accurately, and does not change the speed of the motor. It does not affect the normal operation of the motor, and can effectively avoid the waste of electric energy caused by the excessive output of the motor. It has a good dynamic power-saving control function, which can effectively reduce the power loss of the motor, improve the starting and stopping performance of the motor, and extend the motor. The service life. STM series motor power saver is installed one-to-one at the front end of the motor, and the power saving rate can reach 10-30%.

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