Plastic net teaches you how to choose the right plastic film

Since plastic film is the key to allowing crops to fully absorb sunlight, we must pay attention to the choice of plastic film. When purchasing plastic film, reasonable choice should be made according to the climatic conditions and selection of the region.
Today, the editor of teaches you how to choose the right plastic film for agriculture.
1. Winter warm arch sheds and greenhouses should use non-drip plastic film . Because of good light transmission, the temperature increase in the shed is fast and the effect is obvious, and the crop yield can be improved by improving the photosynthesis of crops.
2. For the film covered by spring crops, transparent film should be purchased. Because of the strong light transmittance, the ground temperature increases rapidly, and the crop grows fast and promotes early maturity.
3. Weeds are heavily ground, it is best to buy a black film. Crops grown in the hot season, such as summer and autumn cucumbers, tomatoes, summer radishes, cabbage, etc., in order to reduce the temperature of the land, you also need to buy black film or black and white double film.
4. In order to control aphids and reduce the occurrence of viruses, silver-gray membranes should be used.
5. Fruit trees should use reflective film, which can promote fruit coloring, increase sugar content, and prevent fruit drop.
6. Rice as a grass-killing film should be used in crop fields such as rice, amaranth and corn which are easy to grow weeds; and tomato, tomato and other crops should use tomato herbicide film, but this film can not be used for undergraduate crops and fruits. On the vegetables.

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