Plastic mechanics test method related standards

1.GB/T 1033-1986 Test method for density and relative density of plastics
2.GB/T 1034-1998 Plastic water absorption test method
3.GB/T 1035-1970 Plastic heat resistance (Martin) test method
4.GB/T 1036-1989 Plastic linear expansion coefficient determination method
5.GB/T 1039-1992 Plastics mechanical properties test methods General
6.GB/T 1040-1992 Plastic tensile test method
7.GB/T 1041-1992 plastic compression performance test method
8.GB/T 1043-1993 hard plastic simply supported beam impact test method
9. GB/T 1446-1983 Fiber reinforced plastics performance test methods
10.GB/T 1447-1983 tensile test of glass fiber reinforced plastics
11.GB/T 1448-1983 Glass fiber reinforced plastic compression performance test
12. GB/T 1449-1983 Test method for bending properties of glass fiber reinforced plastics
13.GB/T 1450.2-1983 Glass fiber reinforced plastic stamping shear strength test method
14. GB/T 1451-1983 filament winding reinforced plastic ring specimen tensile test method
15. GB/T 1458-1988 filament winding reinforced plastic ring specimen tensile test method
16.GB/T 1461-1988 filament winding reinforced plastic ring specimen shear test method
17. GB/T 1462-1988 fiber reinforced plastic water absorption test method
18.GB/T 1463-1988 fiber reinforced plastic density and relative test method
19.GB/T 1636-1979 Apparent Plastics Apparent Density Test Method
20.GB/T 1843-1996 plastic cantilever beam impact test method
21.GB/T 2035-1996 plastic terminology and its definition
22. GB/T 2568-1995 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Resin Castings
23. GB/T 2569-1995 resin casting body compression performance test method
24. GB/T 2570-1995 resin casting body bending performance test method
25.GB/T 2571-1995 resin casting body impact test method
26. GB/T 3854-1983 fiber reinforced plastic Pap (barcol) hardness test method
27. GB/T 3856-1983 unidirectional fiber reinforced plastic flat plate compression performance test method
28. GB/T 4726-1984 resin casting body torsion test method
29. GB/T 4944-1996 Test method for tensile strength between layers of glass fiber reinforced plastic laminates
30.GB/T 5258-1995 Test method for compression properties of fiber reinforced plastic thin-layer sheets
31.GB/T 5470-1985 plastic impact embrittlement temperature test method
32. GB/T 5471-1985 thermosetting molding plastic compression molding sample preparation method
33.GB/T 6669-2001 Determination of compression set of flexible foamed polymeric materials

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