Personalized custom high-end shoes style Wenzhou

For celebrities, businessmen, and politicians, handmade shoes have always been a symbol of personality and taste: Zhang Ziyi, Tony Leung and Other superstar shoes are custom-made by Ferragamo luxury brands. This kind of foot customization retro style has recently been scraped to Wenzhou - the city of South Gate recently appeared an Italian handmade shoes custom shop.

Buy shoes? First measure ankle

"NILIDA" Italy handmade shoe store opened in DaNanMen commercial street, interior decoration is Italian simple style, displaying a variety of men's shoes, shoes prices from 2000 yuan to more than 20,000 yuan, leather calfskin, crocodile Leather, snakeskin, ostrich skin and so on. Careful observation, and other brands of shoes is different, there are special tools such as round-type measuring device. From the appointment and measurement feet, three-dimensional data are formed through the phalanges, ankles, etc., and then the style, color, and cortex are determined. After the production, try it out and adjust it again. The customization takes from half a month to one month. Allegedly, handmade shoes have to go through more than 300 processes to complete the production. The bending of each leather will be consistent with the customer's arch, toes and feet.

Who is customizing high-end shoes?

"NILIDA" was only opened for two months, but the highest price in the store custom - 28,800 yuan a pair of shoes has sold six or seven pairs. The shoe leather was allegedly taken from the softest skin on the belly of the crocodile.

A salesperson of the store revealed that business people and overseas returnees are the two types of strength consumers they have come into contact with. Mr. Chen, who had successively customized two pairs of high-end shoes at 28,800 yuan in the store, was doing business in Shanghai: “The price of French Berluti brand shoes is 30,000 to 50,000, but she wears custom shoes made by Wenzhou people. The French shoes are not lost in terms of comfort.” Mr. Lin, a British “returnee”, is a Wenzhou native and currently works in a foreign company in Shanghai. “Foreign handmade custom shoes are expensive. This time, Wen Wen learned that there are such stores in Wenzhou, and ran to see. The high-end leather crocodile leather shoes are good, they have customized a pair.” However, the custom shoe consumer population of 10,000 yuan, after all, Little, the store's most custom-made shoes for men choose 2000 ~ 3,000 yuan price, these shoes are imported from the French calfskin material.

Brand shoes try personalized customization

Is there a market for such a high-end handmade custom shoe store in Wenzhou? Luo Aixi, general manager of O'Connell brand division of Zhejiang Aokang Shoes Co., Ltd., said that foreign brands such as Versace, Gucci and Armani are famous for handmade luxury goods. High-end customization is a niche industry, with a big production volume. It produces less than 3,000 pairs of shoes a year. However, this is a promising industry. With high-level white-collar workers, entrepreneurs, and other people pursuing the improvement of quality of life, the comfort of foot-measured shoes and the fit of foot-types are not solved by assembly-line shoes. The market has a lot to offer. O'Connell has also been custom testing the water two or three years ago and is currently piloting in Hangzhou and other places.

Gu Jianze, the founder of “NILIDA,” stated that in China, Beijing, Shanghai and other places, tailor-made preparations are highly respected by celebrities. In the past two years, a large number of tailor-made brands entered the market in Maoming South Road, Shanghai, and the rental of stores has gone up. It also made everyone see this niche industry. potential. Wenzhou businessmen gathered, luxury consumption power for all to see, coupled with more and more people to recognize the charm of handmade customization, there should be room to open stores in Wenzhou.

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