Pay attention to the fertilization of tomato leaves in greenhouse

First, the type of nutrition should be determined according to the weather conditions. In the weather, the photosynthesis is poor, the light in the greenhouse is insufficient, and the effect of spraying sugar or photosynthetic bacteria on the tomato leaf surface and titanium micro-fertilizer is better.

Second, the time for tomato to spray foliar fertilizer should be appropriate. The suitable interval for spraying tomato leaves is 5 to 7 days. The spraying time of organic nutrients can be appropriately shorter. Generally, it is suitable for about 5 days. It should be sprayed in the evening or cloudy days with high air humidity.

Third, when the foliar fertilizer is used improperly, the leaves should be rinsed with clean water, the excess fertilizer should be washed away, and the water content of the leaves should be increased to alleviate the damage degree of the leaves. When the soil water content is insufficient, watering is also required to increase the water content in the plant and reduce the concentration of the fertilizer in the stems and leaves.

Fourth, the foliar fertilizer should be mainly sprayed on the back of the leaf, because the tomato stomata and water holes are mostly on the back of the leaf, and the leaf fertilizer sprayed on the back is high, and the positive effect is only good.

5. Foliar spray fertilizer is only an auxiliary means of base fertilizer and top dressing. It is a supplement and cannot replace base fertilizer and top dressing.


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