Note and characteristics of the use of knife gate valve

Stainless steel knife gate valve features:

1. The sealing effect is good, and the U-shaped gasket has good elasticity.

2, full-channel design, strong ability to pass.

3, the brake break effect is good, can effectively solve the leakage phenomenon after the blockage of the block, particle and fiber medium.

4, easy to maintain, you can replace the valve seal without removing the valve.

Knife-type gate valve adopts knife-type gate plate, which has good shearing effect. It is most suitable for fluids such as slurry, powder, fiber and other difficult to control. It is widely used in papermaking, petrochemical, mining, drainage, food and other industries. With a variety of valve seats to choose from, and can be equipped with electric or pneumatic actuators according to on-site control requirements, the valve can be automated.

Precautions and characteristics during use: The opening and closing part of the imported stainless steel knife-shaped gate valve is the ram. The direction of movement of the ram is perpendicular to the direction of the fluid. The imported knife-shaped gate valve can only be fully open and fully closed, and cannot be adjusted and sectioned. flow.

The gate has two sealing faces. The two sealing faces of the most common mode gate valve form a wedge shape. The wedge angle varies with the valve parameters, usually 50. The gate of the wedge knife gate valve can be made into a whole. The rigid ram can also be made into a ram that can produce a small amount of deformation to improve its processability and compensate for the deviation of the sealing surface angle during the machining process. This ram is called a resilient brake. Pneumatic ball valves have excellent performance.

When the stainless steel knife gate valve is closed, the sealing surface can be sealed only by the medium pressure, that is, the sealing surface of the shutter is pressed against the valve seat on the other side by the medium pressure to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface, which is self-sealing. Most knife-type gate valves use forced sealing, that is, when the valve is closed, the external force is forced to press the gate to the valve seat to ensure the sealing of the sealing surface of the pneumatic valve.

A vertical valve knife type gate valve: http://?117_1.html

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