North American Door and Window Hardware Market Analysis and Forecast

North American Door and Window Hardware Market Analysis and Forecast For the North American doors and windows industry, 2013 is indeed a year of rejoicing. Not only will the construction industry pick up, but the availability of various unique hardware products will also bring more opportunities for door and window manufacturers, distributors and owners. More good news. At the American mechanical dealers' annual meeting held in Louisville, US in October 2012, machinery and door and window dealers discussed the hardware at various levels. They have great experience in high-quality multi-point door and window latches and hardware. demand.

At present, the similar products in the market are far from satisfactory in terms of design and reliability, causing many problems for installation and maintenance. With the continuous expansion of the multi-point plug lock and hardware market, door and window manufacturers and distributors have more stringent requirements for hardware products, because the details of the omission will affect the entire brand, and hardware is where the attention The link. The current trend of a market development is: multi-point hardware is gradually applied to different levels of doors and windows. Therefore, the hardware applied to high-grade wooden doors or aluminum-clad wooden doors must be incorporated into the overall design of the door and window products to ensure that it meets the overall style and quality requirements.

Needless to say, the advantages of multi-point locks are already well known to many building owners. When they choose door and window products, they also take the performance of door and window locks into consideration. Many people are not only pursuing basic safety performance, but also with beautiful multi-point locks. The popularity of the high-quality doors and windows is the decisive factor, especially in the choice of building doors and courtyard gates.

At present, multi-point door and window systems with 2 to 5 locking points are hot among consumers. This kind of door with security and overall appearance is generally the first choice for doors, and naturally it becomes the blue ocean market for door and window manufacturers. For the sliding door category, the manufacturer mainly provides well-designed precision bearings to ensure that the door plate can slide freely. In addition, engineers have successfully designed a slideway system that can handle the weight of a door glass that is made of triple glass. This high-quality roller provides a great boost to the product innovation of the door and window manufacturers. Stainless steel hardware products also become the only way for manufacturers of doors and windows to improve the corrosion resistance of their products. In the coming year, there will still be a decorative improvement of hardware products for the market. Brushed copper and nickel will be sold as always, and oil brown copper hardware will be the first choice for consumers.

Generally speaking, the hardware products favored by door and window manufacturers have the following features: complete styles and colors, good surface treatment, metal texture, and ease of use. These can be used as the development direction of the hardware manufacturers, so as to win the market blue sea for themselves in the fierce market competition.

In addition, a recent report issued by Ducker Research Institute (Ducker Research) suggests that demand for courtyard doors will increase by 14% to 15% in 2013, of which approximately 22% will be used for new construction and approximately 8% will be used for renovation. In order to increase indoor lighting and expand the living area, the use of patio doors is a double-edged approach. In addition, the popularity of double-folding doors caused a lot of vibration in the construction industry. With these foldable glass walls, architects and owners can continue to challenge the traditional bottom line of the building wall. Double-folding doors are commonly used in small and medium-sized commercial buildings, however, the needs of architects and owners have driven the development of the market. In order to get rid of the current economic downturn, manufacturers of doors and windows can try to increase product categories and sales in this emerging market.

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