Non-woven electrode materials will be widely used in the wearable field

Smart bracelets, smart watches, Google glasses ... More and more wearable devices have come to us, but long-term power supply has become a challenge. The reporter recently learned from Nanjing University of Technology that Chen Su's research team at the school created a non-woven electrode material through microfluidic spinning technology, which has become one of the best options for powering wearable devices. The research results were published in "Nature · Communication".

According to Professor Chen Su, the team used the black phosphorus composite spinning solution to draw, solidify and fuse the black phosphorus micro-nano composite fiber nonwoven electrode material through microfluidic spinning technology, which has high conductivity, high energy density and excellent The flexible supercapacitor function can be integrated into the fabric to power the wearable device.

"Microfluidic spinning technology is based on traditional wet spinning rapid prototyping, combined with the laminar effect of microfluidic technology, to prepare micron-level fiber technology, has many advantages that traditional spinning technology does not have, is a A kind of fiber preparation technology without high voltage current, energy saving, safety and easy operation. "Teacher Wu Guan of the research group said that more specifically, microfluidic spinning technology can use the diffusion and laminar flow effect of microfluidic to control the spinning solution The composition and structure of the micro-fiber are prepared by simulating the function of the biological spinner to adjust the structure and arrange regularly. The microfluidic spinning technology has the characteristics of rapid mass and heat transfer, precise control, easy parallel amplification, and highly controllable continuous production. It is therefore widely used in the fields of biology, medical treatment, energy, national defense, etc.

At present, the annual output value of the global market for smart wearable devices is about 28 billion US dollars, growing at a rate of 10% per year. The research results have improved the cognitive level of constructing one-dimensional microfiber energy storage wearable materials under the restricted space of microfluidics, and are expected to be widely used in wearable fields such as LEDs, smart bracelets and flexible displays. (Correspondent Zhou Wei reporter Zhang Ye)

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