New regulations of the State Administration of Work Safety: Evacuation of security accidents or reporting of heavy punishments

People's Daily, July 28. The reporter learned from the State Administration of Work Safety that the "Trial Implementation of the Applicable Rules for Administrative Sanction for Safety Production" has been reviewed and passed. It was formally announced yesterday and will be implemented from October 1. In the same year, the same type of production safety violations were punished more than two times; the whistleblowers and witnesses were retaliated against; the occurrence of production safety accidents escaping or concealing false reports, all of these actions will be severely punished from October this year and may even be punished. "Highest value."

The "Rules" list 12 "heavily punished" cases, including: jeopardizing the safety of public safety or other production and business units, ordering them to make corrections within a time limit but failing to rectify them within the prescribed time limit; being subject to more than two administrative punishments due to the same type of safety production violations within one year. Refusing rectification or rectification, continuing to violate the law; concealing and destroying evidence of illegal behavior; cracking down on whistleblowers and witnesses; evading concealment or concealing or falsely reporting after a production safety accident; refusing, impeding, or threatening administrative law enforcement officials with violence.

In one of these 12 cases, the penalty standard is to select the “higher value” or even the highest limit within the statutory penalty, but it cannot be higher than the upper limit of punishment.

Correspondingly, the rules also list the cases of penalties for minor punishments, including: proactively surrendering and truthfully explaining violations; actively eliminating or mitigating the harmful consequences; coordinating with law enforcement agencies to investigate and punish safety production violations and rendering meritorious service. Among them, "performance meritorious service" refers to the party's disclosure of other people's safety production violations, or provide important clues, verification is true; or assist the judicial authorities to arrest other illegal suspects.

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