New housing acceptance mainly depends on which

Water pipe: 1, pipe to the nearest distance, at least the interface as the standard, the pipe body should be straight and tidy, as little bending and overlapping; 2, all indoor use of copper pipes, hot water with plastic coated copper pipe, PVC pipe for the water, Waterproof adhesive tape is used for the interface; 3, the level and four positives are required for installing the basins and seats; 4. The cloth tools must be used to install the faucet or cover, and the taps and fittings must not be damaged; hammers must not be used to strike directly; 5 , kitchens, toilets should have a floor drain; 6, the installation is completed to test the water. Flooring: 1. The floor should be polished smooth, no pits and scratches can appear, and the corners should be ground with a sander; 2. The floor should be at least three times the floor wax; 3. When laying, four sides should be reserved for millimeters, and then use the skirt line. Edge cover; 4, wood floors should use plywood as the bottom, the bottom of the board should be placed with oil-proof paper or plastic film, and the four sides to reserve vacancies.

Tiles: 1, brick surface to be flat, the angle should be accurate, the interface to the line; 2, the tile is soaked in water for half a day before use; 3, the toilet floor should have a suitable slope, not water; 4, after the tile interface to white cement Wipe the white cement with rattan silk, do not leave cement stains on the surface of the brick; 5. After the tiles are covered, use cardboard to cover the brick surface, and walk on the brick surface after at least 1 hour.

Wallpaper: 1. After the wall is painted over with waterproof oil, it is necessary to polish it. Each time it is polished with sandpaper. The gap must be repaired immediately. The concave wall of the convex wall cannot be seen with the naked eye. 2, the wallpaper to meet the mouth to accurately paste clothes, no blistering, according to the provisions of the flowers, with a sharp incision, there must be no paper edge tearing phenomenon.

Paint: 1, the surface color is correct, uniform, smooth and smooth, no teardrops, too thick, through the bottom, blisters and other conditions; 2, the paint boundary is straight and tidy, not out of bounds; 3, the wall of the gray does not see convex concave Bit, flat corner. Board and board, board and wall interface, should be attached to the tape after the ash; 4, latex paint in the distance from the point of view, should not see the scan marks; 5, nails to be accurate and smooth coloring; 6, try not to be wet Weather brush paint.

In addition, the wooden board surface should be smooth and smooth, without planing marks, squeaks and burrs, the pattern is clear, the paint surface color is uniform, the gap is tight, the joints are staggered, the surface is clean, and the joints are straight and straight. In terms of bonding, it should be firmly bonded, the surface should be clean, there should be no overflowing glue, and the floorboards should be arranged reasonably and beautifully. The joints are tight, the surface is smooth, the seams are arranged in a reasonable and beautiful manner, the mouth is straight, and the cutting angle is accurate. Wooden floor hot hard wax, wiping soft wax, wax spray have to be uniform without exposed bottom, smooth and bright, consistent color.

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