New clothes on the market will be discounted.

In the past, only products such as outdated, broken code, and defective products were included in the discounted category. However, nowadays, new clothing and sandals that have just been on the market are also offering discounts and gifts. In the eyes of merchants, discounts can attract customers to buy, and consumers also develop shopping habits that are not "off" or not.

Businesses: Discounts are "business methods"

Yesterday, I visited a number of shopping malls in Zhongshan Road, found that most shopping malls have introduced non-profit, promotional, discounted goods. In the shoe sales area on the first floor of the Victoria Mall, both the new sandals and the old ones are marked with different discounts, some as low as 30%. On the other floors of the mall, clothing, cosmetics, etc. also played a discounted price.

In another mall, the number of new products in the summer is as low as 40%. In the sales area on the first floor, some brands of jewelry are sold at a discount of 60%, and there are 25% discounts for men's and women's shoes for various brands such as Hassan and Thousands of Baidu. In the women's wear area, ONLY and other brand products are sold at a discount of 20%, and sportswear “Li Ning” is sold. At least 100 returns 40, "Kappa" 8-5% off, "Puma" 8.5 fold and so on. In addition, some shopping malls have also introduced some low-priced sales areas, and the Purchasing Guide constantly tells consumers that the goods in one area are all discounted.

The author found that discounted merchandise in the mall includes clothing, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics and many other types of goods. Compared with clothing, shoes have a greater discount and scope.

Many operators said in an interview with the author that discounts have now become a business method. Merchants use discounted methods to attract customers, thereby increasing sales, increasing profits, and making their brands more visible. According to a certain brand of shopping guides, many consumers immediately asked “when they are discounted” when the new model is on the market.
Consumer: We don't buy it

In the footwear area of ​​Jiamao Shopping Center, the author saw that dozens of styles of shoes had different discounts, attracting many people to come and buy. Taking women's sandals as an example, the new women's sandals are priced between 100 and 500 yuan. Among the citizens who buy, most of the customers buy discounted shoes, while those who do not discount shoes are rarely consulted or purchased.

Su Bo, who is choosing sandals, said that at the beginning of May, when the sandals had just been listed, he would visit the sandal market in a circle. The fancy leather sandals would cost about 500 yuan. He felt too expensive to buy it. The sandals were discounted. He bought a pair of sandals that were already in phase and saved more than 100 yuan. “This is not, look again today to see if there are any discounted sneakers that are right for you. If the price is worth it, buy another pair.”

During the interview, many citizens stated that if the goods are not discounted, they will not normally buy it. Some members of the public were eager to get rid of it. As a result, they spent money. Many citizens also reported that they had just bought a product. The result was not long after it was discounted, and it was lost in one hundred or eighty yuan.

an expert:

Fierce competition is the main reason for the discount

Why is the new product listed on the discount?

In response, several merchants interviewed by the author stated that there are three main reasons for discounting: First, discounts have become a means for merchants to promote sales. Second, manufacturers have increased their output, naturally playing discounts to increase sales. Thirdly, brands such as clothing and shoes abound, some products have similar styles and similar prices, and the competition of various brands is becoming increasingly fierce. Businessmen have to start early discounts and occupy a limited market.

Industry insiders told the author that the discount rate of footwear products is even greater. Shoes are consumables. Styles and materials are updated every year. This year they do not sell, and they cannot be sold next year. Once the shoes are backlog, the cortex is subject to change. There is a backlog of shoes transportation, preservation and other issues, which will increase the cost of businesses, so businesses will choose to early discount, return the funds, set out to do the next season's style, clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, discount promotions and footwear products are roughly the same .

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