New Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal Adult Pillow

Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal The inner core of this product is filled with high-quality bamboo charcoal particles with good permeability and good adsorption, and elastic floccule with good performance. Soft, comfortable, breathable and dry bamboo charcoal adult pillow is a health care, fashion and high-end bedding.

Product Features:

1. The bamboo charcoal filled with this product is a pure natural organic product made from high-temperature carbonization of alpine bamboo.

2, fine porous bamboo charcoal particles, with a large specific surface area, can absorb the body's volatile sweat, carbon dioxide and harmful gases in the air. It has the special effect of inhibiting bacteria and removing odor.

3, bamboo charcoal in the unique endothermic, exothermic process, produce far-infrared warming effect, can rheumatism, improve the body's blood circulation and metabolism, reduce cervical fatigue, soreness, calm, hypnosis, reduce and inhibit snoring. Improve the quality of your sleep.

4, bamboo charcoal can also produce negative ions, which can purify indoor air. Will bring you a comfortable and healthy living environment

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