Network monitoring storage 10 major related technologies

When people refer to security network applications, most of them think of network surveillance cameras. In fact, the composition of the monitoring system is not limited to front-end products. If there is no back-end storage device, the huge image data can only become "clouds." There are 10 technologies related to network storage:

NAS system:

Network-attached storage systems, file storage, and access all need to go through the local area network and also support the addition of extra storage over Fibre Channel or SCSI-based switches.

NAS Gateway:

That is, no disk file server, it uses a SAN storage array to provide extended storage capacity.

SAN architecture:

Multiple servers in the network are connected to a central disk repository consisting of one or more storage arrays, greatly improving system management and data backup.

Cloud storage:

Through the functions of cluster applications, grid technologies, or distributed file systems, a large number of different types of storage devices in the network are brought together through application software and work together to provide external data storage and service access functions.


A pluggable card that connects a host computer to a network/storage device and supports multiple storage network protocols.

IP storage:

Using the IP protocol to connect a remote SAN, in a Fibre Channel SAN, the IP protocol is used to send FC frames in IP packets. For non-fibre Channel SANs, the iSCSI protocol is used to convert SCSI data to IP packets.


Independent redundant disk arrays require multiple disks to improve performance and fault redundancy.

LANfree backup:

Back up data to a storage array, tape library, or other storage device without going through a LAN or WAN network.

Fibre Channel:

Data requests are transferred from the server to the disk array, and Fibre Channel switches in the SAN are used to connect servers and storage arrays.

Block-level storage:

Block-level access ensures that network users do not have to manage data when reading/copying files from disk, allowing network administrators to specify where data is stored to address performance issues.

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