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Stainless steel is clean and durable, and has always been the most used material in kitchen life. However, most consumers' perceptions of stainless steel kitchen cabinets remain in a cold, low-cost, monotonous impression. Today, if you still look at stainless steel kitchen cabinets like this, then you are OUT. Today, let Xiaobian take you to feel the stylish shape and colorful design of stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Sao years are widening your eyes, ready to accept a baptism of the soul!

Xiaobian will use FADIOR J001 Ivy, a star product of the high-end art stainless steel kitchen cabinet brand Fadio stainless steel art cabinet, to refresh your knowledge of stainless steel kitchen cabinet products.

People like to be close to nature because it can bring positive energy to relaxation. FADIOR J001 Ivy League This product is designed to give people a relaxed and pleasant cooking mood with a tender green 220° high temperature baking varnish and natural stainless steel.

Strong storage to cater to modern living habits

Classic and smart structure, FADIOR J001 Ivy storage is powerful, saving a lot of space, in line with modern people's life-oriented concept of storage.

Sturdy handle for a practical choice

The original classic stainless steel linear handle is used to perfectly integrate with the product line structure, which makes the consumers more resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, no discoloration, and the original color is sturdy and durable.

Breaking the tradition, opening the cabinet to create innovation space

Breaking the closed kitchen space, FADIOR J001 Ivy allows the space to stretch, light and smart. In the design of the open cabinet, it is blended with pure white, and the fresh feeling is on the face.

Scientific division, pull basket to enhance storage capacity

FADIOR J001 has a stainless steel durable pull basket under the countertop of the Ivy League kitchen. The partition is very reasonable. The knives, chopsticks, and other small tableware are sorted and sorted. The drawing is convenient and clear at a glance. Some careful thoughts on the design bring the details and exquisiteness. The convenience of life.

Tough quality, stainless steel anti-rust screw guard quality

Although the screw is small, it is a very important member of the cabinet. The bad screw is easy to rust, overflow and corrode. When it affects the appearance, it is more likely to cause the door panel to fall off or damage the quality of the cabinet. The Fadio stainless steel art cabinet connecting screws are all made of stainless steel. It will not rust, overflow and corrosion for a long time to ensure the cabinet is healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Longer life, seamless metal edge banding must be liked

Fadio stainless steel art cabinets are all made of one-piece seamless technology, which is round and smooth, avoiding the long-term use of traditional edge-sealing technology and easy to fall off, directly affecting the life of kitchen cabinets, and more effectively ensuring quality and durability.

As we all know, stainless steel is synonymous with durability. The reason that stainless steel brings people is usually the feeling of “cold ice”. Therefore, when choosing the kitchen cabinet, the stainless steel cabinets are often thrown out of the brain and will not be considered. Nowadays, Fadio stainless steel art cabinets have made innovations, making stainless steel cabinets changeable in shape, color selection, stylish and beautiful, and the design aesthetics that wooden kitchen cabinets can't reach, so that more people can be used by Fadio stainless steel art cabinets. attract.

FADIOR J001 Ivy, as the "king of cost" under Fadio, has great practicality and aesthetics. I don't know if it breaks your "stiff", "expensive" and "cold" for stainless steel kitchen cabinets. What is universally recognized? The best kitchen cabinets give you the most understanding of life.

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