Mountaineering clothing more reliable mainstream brands

As more and more people come out of the outdoors, outdoor sports are on the rise. There are more and more outdoor sports products, and the domestic outdoor consumer market has maintained high growth of 40% for several consecutive years.

In the high-cold environment in the outdoors, due to the poor perspiration and moisture absorption performance of some outdoor clothing, it may cause problems such as the body's rapid loss of body temperature, and even cause damage to the human body. Whether the quality of outdoor clothing is too hard is related to human health, or even life-critical. Therefore, consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of outdoor clothing, especially the declared function of outdoor clothing has become the focus of consumers most concerned.

For outdoor and daily life dual-use mountaineering clothes (commonly known as Jackets), the China Consumers’ Association’s staff members serve as ordinary consumers in Beijing Sanfu Outdoor Sporting Goods Store, Extreme Experience Club, Neonea Outdoor Shopping 4+2 Equipment Store, etc. Merchants, who randomly purchased TOREAD, AIRWAVES, THE NORTH FACE, ARC'TERYX, KAILAS, BLACK YAK, OZOKA OZARK), CAN.TORP, SEVLAE, MUZTAGA and other 10 mainstream brand jacket samples were commissioned by the National Fiber Quality Supervision and Inspection Center to conduct comparative tests. Comparative test results show that mainstream brands are of good quality, but some product labels lack information and relevant national standards are lacking.

Most brand quality is true

This comparative test is divided into three parts, one is the basic safety performance; the second is the regular use of performance; the third is functional, involving a total of 5 categories of 6 basic safety performance test items, such as the banned aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde content, Color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to water, color fastness to alkali/acid perspiration.

Six of the 10 branded products express basic safety standards and safety categories. Two brands express safety categories, and two brands do not specify basic safety standards and safety categories. Although the products tested were all outerwear, 2 brands of products were identified as category B (direct skin contact), 6 brands of products were classified as category C (non-direct skin contact), and 2 brands of products were not Explicit security category. The formaldehyde content of this test product is less than or equal to 75 mg/kg, which meets the requirements for direct contact with skin (Class B) products, and the measured formaldehyde content of most products is less than 20 mg/kg. Mountaineering fabrics are mostly coated or laminated fabrics. Due to the enforcement of the GB 18401-2003 standard for many years, the company attaches great importance to the formaldehyde content of the products, and the process is continuously improving, so that there is no phenomenon of excessive formaldehyde in the tested products.

In addition, many dye factories have stopped producing hazardous dyes that are harmful to the human body because of the greater supervision over the use of banned aromatic amine dyes in recent years. No ban on the use of decomposable aromatic amine dyes was found in this test, and the product's color fastness (colorfastness to dry friction, color fastness to water, color fastness to alkali/acid perspiration, etc.) did not appear to be a problem. .

The analysis of routine use performance test results showed that 7 brands of mountaineering clothing of 10 brands clearly demonstrated product implementation standards, and 3 brands did not specify product implementation standards. Zippers are an important part of mountaineering clothing, and their quality directly affects the performance of taking. This time, there are two kinds of zippers, nylon and plastic injection, in the 10 brand products. The strength assessment indicators of the two zippers are different. The test results show that the zipper strength of the 10 brands meets the requirements of the relevant standards.

The lighter the outdoor sports equipment is, the better, but it must meet the special requirements of outdoor sports. The overall weight of mountaineering clothing is the sum of fabrics, accessories and accessories, but fabric weight is one of the main factors. This type of product uses coated or laminated fabrics. If the product is light and has many functions such as moisture permeability, waterproof, windproof, etc., it is certainly the direction of fabric design. Square meter weight This indicator reflects the weight of the product fabric. Compared with the 10 products, it is obvious that some products are not only lighter in weight, but also have better moisture permeability, waterproof, and windproof functional indexes; There is still a large gap between the wetness rate, hydrostatic pressure, and other indicators. Some get 1 star, while others get 4 stars.

This comparative test also refers to the relevant standards of public security police service to assess the light fastness index. The lightfastness of the 10 fabrics of the products of the 10 brands can reach 5, while the general apparel fabrics are generally required to reach 4 or light 3 levels. The color fastness to rubbing and the fastness to washing of the wet rubbing were evaluated according to the specified product standards of the tested sample, and they also met the corresponding standards.

Call for the introduction of national standards as soon as possible

The analysis shows that the basic safety of the 10 brand products tested in this time conforms to the relevant national standards; the routine performance of the products also meets the requirements of the stated product standards; in terms of functional quality, most products are veritable. However, there are also individual products that have unsatisfactory problems. The lack of information on product identification is a problem found in this inspection. Samples of the Archaeopteryx and Breyak brands had the best overall quality scores and received 11 stars, while the Pathfinder, Kaileshi and San Frye brand samples had relatively poor overall quality results and received 8 stars. It is hoped that outdoor sportswear enterprises will continue to work hard to improve quality and climb the peak of quality.

The national standards for sportswear were introduced. Most products are applied to the standard of ordinary clothing. There is a large gap in the professional content. They can only use the standards of other industries or departments as a reference, which is not conducive to the standardized development of outdoor sports products. And improve quality. To this end, the relevant person in charge of the China Consumers Association, in an interview with reporters, called for the orderly and healthy development of outdoor sports apparel, relevant departments should quickly formulate national standards.

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