More than ten square meters of bedroom decoration skills teach you to decorate the small space is not crowded

Now that the size of the public housing area has been deducted, the indoor area has become smaller, and the size of some small-sized apartment bedrooms is only a dozen square meters and the space is relatively small. Then dozens of square meters of bedroom decoration should pay attention to what? How to decorate will make space not crowded. Here's a look at a dozen square meters of bedroom decoration skills.

More than ten square meters bedroom decoration skills

First, dozens of square meters of small space bedroom, the division of space is very important, to avoid the complex design that will lead to space waste will give us a bad visual sense.

Second, when choosing the color of the wall, do not choose bright colors, it will make people feel dizzy. Because there is limited space for light, you can choose bright colors, cool colors are also very good, but also a good sense of space.

Third, in the ceiling decoration, to choose a relatively small ceiling is relatively low ceiling or do not directly do ceiling, because in a small space, if you use a large ceiling will make the entire space very depressed.

Fourth, in the space, if you want to place a mirror, then you must use mirrors rationally. The mirrors can have a visual sense of increasing space. Can be placed in the corner or dimly lit areas to expand the visual effect.

Fifth, how to use the material to do the cut off it? Try not to cut off the harder material to do partition material. If you must do the cut off, then consider using glass to make the cut off.

Sixth, when choosing the furniture, the size of furniture can also be very need to pay attention. Space is small, furniture is generally tailored. This way can make full use of the bedroom area, but also make the space more spacious.

Seven, the bedroom of the light, in this space, the choice of lamps is still very important, in the dozen square meters of the bedroom, the lighting layout is the need for primary and secondary, can choose more simple ceiling lamps, auxiliary lighting can choose the lamp, Wall lights, spotlights, etc.

8. The structure of space must not be too complicated structural design. Do not blindly remove load-bearing walls, ducts, flue ducts, etc. in order to expand space. In addition, do not easily modify the sewers and circuits.

The above is Xiaobian to bring you more than a dozen square meters of bedroom decoration skills, Xiao Bian to teach you to decorate so that the small space is not crowded, learned these skills, will be more clearly decorated it! Hope to help everyone, if you want to understand Other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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