Major pests and diseases in wheat field are re-emergence

   At present, the main producing areas of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Huanghuaihai and other major wheat areas have entered the booting and heading stage, which is not only an important period for the formation of yield, but also a key period for the prevention and control of diseases and insects. On April 13th , the Ministry of Agriculture held a site meeting on the prevention and control of major pests and diseases in wheat spikes in Fuyang City, Hubei Province. It is required to focus on the prevention and control of wheat scab and locusts, and strive to fight the prevention and control of pests in the late stage of wheat. To achieve "the insects grab the grain", and strive to win the first battle of summer grain.


This year, due to the unfavorable factors such as high temperature in winter and spring, and excessive precipitation, major diseases and insect pests such as wheat scab and aphids are re-emerged, and the situation of prevention and control is extremely severe. From mid-April to mid-May is a critical period of major pests and diseases in wheat heading stage hazards, wheat production is an important period of the formation, but also the best time of the prevention and control of pests and diseases in wheat heading stage. The Ministry of Agriculture requires that the agricultural departments at all levels and their plant protection agencies should quickly enter a state of war and resolutely win the battle against pests and diseases in the wheat ear. Adhere to the principle of classification and guidance, scientific prevention and control, highlight key areas and major pests and diseases, implement the “one spray three prevention” subsidy policy for wheat and the special pest control system, and mobilize widely to strengthen service guidance and implement key Measures to vigorously promote professional and unified defense and green prevention and control, and timely carry out emergency prevention and control to ensure that wheat stripe rust, scab, and aphids do not cause large-scale outbreaks, and pest and disease damage is controlled within 5% , and scab disease The ear rate is controlled within 5% , the disease rate is controlled within 1% , and the professional rule of prevention is over 32% .


In response to the severe situation of major pests and diseases in the wheat ear, the Ministry of Agriculture organized the “Spring Prevention of Diseases and Insects and Harvests” campaign, intensified efforts, strengthened measures, and promoted the effective prevention and control of pests and diseases. First, we must earnestly implement the policy. Give full play to the specialization of pests and diseases, the rule of prevention and the "one spray three prevention" subsidy funds, and actively strive for local financial support. Through the implementation of the subsidy policy, the professional service organizations should be united with the peasants, and the prevention and control of pests and diseases should be vigorously carried out, and the joint prevention and control work of the major pest-borne areas, re-issuing areas and the transitional transition zone should be carried out, and efforts should be made to The trend of recurrence of pests and diseases is pressing down. The second is to effectively monitor and monitor. All local plant protection agencies should go deep into the field, comprehensively strengthen the field census, strengthen system monitoring, accurately grasp the dynamics of major diseases and insects in wheat, closely track the growth process of wheat, timely analyze the development trend according to weather changes, and timely release forecasting and warning information to ensure prevention and control. Timely and effective. The third is to do a good job in scientific prevention and control. Wheat stripe rust 狠 “ 带 带 带 带 侦 侦 侦 侦 带 带 带 带 带 带 带 带 带 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦 小麦It is necessary to prevent the occurrence of pre-emergence; the locusts focus on the control base of “going forward and pre-pressing control” to prevent the outbreak of the ear. It is necessary to scientifically select medicines and rotate medicines, and strive to improve the control effect of pests and diseases and the effective utilization rate of pesticides. Adhere to the combination of disease prevention and pest control, anti-falling, anti-dry hot air, to achieve a spray and more defense, multi-effect. The fourth is to effectively grasp the rule of defense. We will vigorously promote large and medium-sized high-efficiency plant protection machinery such as self-propelled sprayers and drones, and develop a group of fast and efficient pest and disease prevention service organizations. Vigorously promote the integration of pest control and green prevention and control, create a number of integrated demonstration bases, accelerate the integration, demonstration, and promotion of the entire green prevention and control technology model. Strengthen technical training and guidance services for service organizations, and improve their scientific control and management level. The fifth is to effectively grasp the supervision and guidance. The agricultural departments at all levels should organize cadres and relevant experts to go deep into the first line of prevention and control of wheat pests and diseases, take measures to cover the burden, and take responsibility for people. "face-to-face, hands-on" to carry out guidance services, strengthen supervision and inspection, and ensure that prevention and control measures are in place. The prevention and control technology was implemented in the field.


The Ministry of Agriculture stresses that all localities should vigorously organize and implement the zero-growth action of pesticide use by 2020. While controlling pests and diseases to minimize the control of grain and pests, reduce the number of prevention and control and the use of pesticides, and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, Quality and efficiency.


Source: Ministry of Agriculture official website



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