Main categories of fire and rescue equipment

Main categories of fire and rescue equipment 1. Rescuers protective equipment

(1) Protective helmets: fire helmets, rescue helmets, multi-purpose fire helmets

In addition to the functions of an ordinary fire helmet and a rescue helmet, the multi-purpose fire helmet also has a fire field communication function, freeing the hands of the fire commander.

(2) Protective clothing: protective clothing for fire extinguishing, protective clothing for heat insulation, protective clothing for fire protection, protective clothing for emergency rescue, chemical protective clothing

Fire-fighting protective clothing is a protective clothing that is worn by rescuers when they enter the fire and pass through the fire area for a short period of time or during a short period of time in the flame area to fight against fire and rescue. It is not suitable for wearing protective clothing to protect themselves from flames and intense radiant heat. Use in environments with chemical and radioactive damage.

(3) Fall protection equipment: fire safety ropes, fire safety belts, and fire protection fall protection auxiliary equipment

(4) Respiratory protection equipment: Positive pressure fire air breathing apparatus, long tube air breathing apparatus, and filter type self-rescue breathing apparatus; personal protective equipment to protect the rescue personnel from the respiratory system.

Air breathing apparatus monitoring system: The rescue commander monitors the safety status of on-site rescue personnel and the use status of their respective air breathing apparatus, and the concentration data of combustible gas and toxic gases in real time. It can provide uninterrupted and up-to-date status information for commanders’ safety command and decision-making and continuous safety work for rescue workers in the field, providing security for rescue workers.

2. Fire Guns and Water Supplies

(1) fire guns: fire hose, foam gun, dry powder gun

Fire-fighting guns (guns) are fire-fighting equipment that converts the static pressure energy of a fire extinguishing medium into kinetic energy and fires it at a high speed to perform fire extinguishing or cooling operations.

(2) Fire Monitors: Fire water cannons, fire-fighting foam guns, fire-fighting dry powder guns

Fire cannons are fire extinguishing spray guns that are placed on top of fire engines, on the ground, and other firefighting facilities.

(3) Water curtain generator

Also known as the water screen water gun, screen water gun, its working principle is that under the action of fire water, the water gun sprays fan-shaped water mist to form the water curtain protection screen; the role is to protect the fire field rescue workers from heat radiation, smoke or toxic gas, etc. Infringement, large areas of water mist can also be diluted toxic gases to slow down the toxic gas expansion screen gun. The speed of dispersion ensures that the fire site and nearby people are protected from poisonous gas, thereby avoiding or reducing the occurrence of major casualties. In particular, the water curtain generator can effectively reduce the heat radiation intensity and cut off the fire propagation route between the intense heat radiation area in the oil storage tank area and the adjacent area.

3. Fire vehicles

(1) Tank fire engines: water tank fire engines, foam fire engines, dry powder fire engines, and multifunctional heavy-duty foam fire engines

Fire engines are the general term for all types of motor vehicles equipped with various types of fire fighting equipment and fire fighting equipment. They are the main mobile fire fighting equipment for fire fighting units and enterprise full-time fire brigades. There are many types of fire engines and there are many methods of classification. Generally, they are classified into tank fire engines, high-lift fire engines, special fire engines, and remote water supply systems according to structural features.

(2) High-grade fire engines: ladder fire trucks, climbing platform fire engines, lifting high fire engines

(3) Special fire trucks

Chemical decontamination vehicle. It installs clean water tanks, premixed tanks, sewage tanks, water pumps, water heating and other devices on the chassis of trucks. It is equipped with flushing, neutralizing, disinfecting and other chemicals, and it is used to contaminate people, floors, and buildings that are contaminated with chemicals, poisons, etc. , equipment, vehicles, and other special fire engines that perform major functions such as flushing and disinfection, residual liquid recycling, power generation, and lighting.

Rescue fire engines: Provide various rescue equipment and materials for fire and various accident scenes. With self-rescue, lifting, power generation, lighting and other functions, and equipped with a variety of demolition, detection, life-saving, lighting, personal protection, empty call, plugging, chemical decontamination and a large number of rescue tools and equipment.

Vortex firefighting engine: It is a special firefighting system that uses high-speed airflow of a turbojet engine as a carrier to impact the fire-extinguishing agent into mist-like particles, and uses turbo jet engine jet energy to remotely dilute or extinguish large-range, high-strength, large-range jets. car.

Remote water supply system: It is used for water supply of fire field, drainage and urban emergency water supply at the site of water shortage fire. Through snorkeling pumps, the water from rivers, lakes, seas, reservoirs, ponds and other open water sources is pumped out. After being transported by the water belt and pressurized by the booster module, the water can be continuously transferred to several kilometers or even more than 10 kilometers. The place can work for hours.

4. Emergency rescue equipment

(1) Chemical Defense Equipment: Detection Equipment, Plugging Equipment, Transmission Equipment, Decontamination Equipment

(2) Lifesaving equipment: conventional lifesaving equipment, search equipment, on-site rescue equipment

(3) Rescue tools: motorized rescue tools, pneumatic rescue tools, hydraulic rescue tools, electric rescue tools, escape evacuation equipment

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