Low carbon in the flooring industry is imperative

Low carbon in the flooring industry is imperative In recent years, as the world is entering a period of low carbon, governments of all countries are making great efforts to advance the process of low-carbon era. Flooring companies must also make more efforts in energy-saving and environmentally friendly floor products in order to win a place in the low-carbon economy.

Low-carbonization is imperative. All efforts to complete a low-carbon economy and a low-carbon society will be supported by government policies and recognition by the public. Conversely, all actions that hinder the process of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society will be achieved. The restrictions of government policies and the disdain of the public. We must admit that we must sacrifice some short-term benefits in implementing low-carbonization, but we should also see that the implementation of low carbonation will bring us more long-term benefits.

Green environmental protection is a positive attitude. Flooring companies should endeavor to provide consumers with green and environmentally friendly customized products, achieve green production of the company, adhere to the green development of the brand, adhere to conscience products, operate with integrity, and bear the responsibility of saving energy and low carbon. Social responsibility, to be a respected brand, to become the preferred brand of high-end customer groups. In keeping with the trend of the times, we should actively respond to the war.

To promote the low-carbon process, the Furniture Association should take the lead to suggest that furniture companies build low-carbon homes. Due to low-carbon green furniture, consensus needs to be reached within the industry to encourage furniture companies to research and develop low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly innovation products. After new industry regulations, whipping industry decision-makers and elites, work together to create a low-carbon, green home. .

The joint construction of the flooring industry chain Like most industries, the custom flooring industry is also a closely separated industry chain in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain. Upstream refers to the original supplier of materials, including plates and hardware accessories, edge banding, adhesives, etc. Designated flooring manufacturer in the middle reaches. Downstream designated flooring dealers. As the saying goes, a slap in the palm of your hand does not ring. If you want to complete the low carbonization of a custom floor, you must rely on the joint efforts of the entire industry chain. The effort of relying on one link is not enough.

For the upstream, it is necessary to actively explore the research and development of wood substitutes, and gradually replace traditional plates such as MDF and particleboard with new low-carbon plates (such as polymer plates), or MDF, particleboard, UV plates, etc. While improving and reducing the methanol content, the company will improve the production quality standards within the company, reduce consumption and reduce costs.

Customized flooring companies are located in the middle reaches of the custom furniture industry, and they have the ability to connect with others. In the face of plate suppliers, they should be more demanding and exert pressure to allow plate suppliers to develop more green sheets, while the R&D departments of custom furniture companies should increase the use of new low carbon plates. New product development. At the same time, the production workshop improved production equipment (such as fully automatic CNC machine tools, etc.) and modified the production process to adapt to it, strengthened the scientific management, and put into use the information management system to minimize the waste of materials, electricity and labor.

In the downstream of the industrial chain, things are scarce, the supply and demand leverage, determine the price; there is demand for the market, to build a low-carbon home era, starting from the demand terminal. Nowadays, “low-carbon” and “low-carbon economy” have become so popular around the world that major domestic media have thoroughly analyzed how to cope with the advent of a “low-carbon economy”. If we can really build a low-carbon economic society, it will be for every consumer and every living person. There is a close relationship, and there is nothing wrong with it. I believe every consumer agrees with both hands. Therefore, in the policy from top to bottom, at the same time with the market mechanism, vigorously promote low-carbon concepts to consumers, guide consumers to accept green furniture, and enjoy a low-carbon life.

If the flooring industry wants to go further, it will have to take the road of branding, and build a real floor brand. Enterprises need to work hard for a long time to form their own characteristics. In addition to continuous innovation in marketing methods, the most important It is necessary to build up its own internal production process standardization and management links, as well as continuous improvement and innovation in design, to understand people's changing needs and to take the human path.

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