Living room decoration needs to start from four aspects

Space: The function of living room space should be divided into reasonable, coordinated and transitional. Modern living rooms are generally divided into dining areas, meeting areas and study areas (or rest areas).

The restaurant is as close as possible to the kitchen, convenient for dining and serving, preferably separated from other functions by small screens or artificial low walls.

The passage in the reception area should be simple, the space should be spacious, the light should be bright, and it is the main purpose to achieve warmth and affinity.

The study area (rest area) should be quiet, close to the living room, the area does not have to be too large, it is important to create comfort.

The whole living room is visually pleasing, and can be distinguished by the direction of the ceiling and the decoration of the decorations, but attention should be paid to the harmonious unity of the living room space.

Color: The layout of colors is the main means of reflecting the aesthetic and individual characteristics of the master. If you are not sure about the color of the living room, you can use a uniform light color, and then use soft decoration for color embellishment, which can produce unexpected results.

The use of color in each functional area also has its own characteristics. The dining area should be warm, in order to increase appetite and create a warm atmosphere; the visitor area adopts base color, soft decoration can be rich in change, creating a warm hospitality atmosphere; learning The area should ensure that the light is translucent, and the cool color is used to reduce the fatigue of learning. It does not require too many decorations to concentrate.

Ground: In the past few years, people often like to choose different materials and colors for the floor of different areas. But after a few years of practice, this effect is not good, so that the living room space does not have the overall beauty, a little more messy. Therefore, the uniform material and color are used to decorate the living room floor, and the different spaces, soft furnishings, ceilings, etc. are used to separate the space, which not only can unify the space, but also achieve the purpose of separating the functional areas.

Soft decoration: including various decorations such as plants, fabrics, small ornaments, etc., highlighting the personality and consciousness of the owner. The energetic plants can give people a fresh and natural feeling; the clever use of fabric products can make the living room fresh in the overall space color; the chic and unique small furnishings can also reflect the owner's disposition, and sometimes it can become a space. Missing decorations.

Drinking water utilities may have to consider changing disinfectant to improve water quality and meet more stringent disinfection regulations. The objective of this study was to evaluate the response of a full-scale drinking water distribution system to a change in disinfectant from chlorine to chlorine dioxide, in terms of its impact on microbiological stability and disinfection by-product formation. Chlorine dioxide residuals were consistently present above detection limits throughout the distribution system (>0.20 mg/L). Over a study period of 3.5 months, no degradation of bacterial water quality occurred after implementing the new disinfectant. Chlorine dioxide maintained total bacteria (microscopic counts) and heterotrophic plate count levels below 2 x 105 cells/mL and 1000 CFU/mL, respectively. The change in disinfectant from chlorine to chlorine dioxide led to an 85% reduction in trihalomethanes (i.e., from 30 to 5 mg/L) and a 60% reduction in haloacetic acids (i.e., from 20 to 8 mg/L). Chlorine dioxide represents a valuable tool to produce high quality water and is a strong alternative to chlorine for certain distribution systems. Key words: distribution system, chlorine dioxide, drinking water quality, disinfection by-products.

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