"Li Gui" coatings use brand-name effects to fool consumers

Recently, major cities have successively announced "Results of random inspection of interior wall coating product quality in the third quarter of 2010". Most products are in line with national industry standards, but some inferior products still fail to meet the standards. There are even some "Pongming Brand" products on the market. Industry insiders reminded that interior wall coatings are related to living health and should be carefully identified when purchasing.

-"Li Gui" coatings use the brand-name effect to fool consumers

As an indispensable material for home decoration, paints have become more and more demanding for their quality. In the paint market, environmentally friendly paints have been widely recognized by consumers, and like Nippon, Dulux, Carboline, Card Well-known paint brands such as Dan and Bauhinia have already gained popularity. Consumers are also well aware of the quality and environmental protection of well-known brand products. For these reasons, in order to pursue economic benefits, many informal paint companies often play tricks on the sidelines, and use the brand effect of these famous paints to improve their sales performance, so they have spawned like "Japan Nippon" , "Hong Kong Nippon", "Hong Kong Dulux" and other "Pong Famous Brand" products. The phenomenon of "pong famous brands" in the paint industry has become very common. The more well-known brands, the higher the probability of being "pong".

Yang Zhou, the person in charge of Dulux in Shaanxi, reminded consumers that there are many types of paints on the market, and the quality is not the same. Consumers have to go through various inspections when buying and master some methods of selection. When choosing, the owner should choose the correct brand and recognize " Pong famous brand ". When purchasing, you must check the relevant qualification certificate, or log in to the official website of the brand paint, or call the official service hotline to check whether there is a series of products with this name.

-Good paint should be covered, water-resistant, rub-resistant, and adhered .

The relevant standards of architectural coatings specify the performance of coating products, but most professional terms are difficult for consumers to understand. Zhao Peng, an engineer of the Provincial Decorative Materials Quality Inspection Station, introduced consumers to some of the important properties of coatings.

The hiding power is better. The most basic and basic requirement of the decorated wall should be that the wall appears with a new image given by the paint, and the original color should be obscured by the new paint. That is, the paint should have the ability to cover the defects of the uneven color of the original base wall. For the covering ability of the paint, we call it the hiding power.

Be resistant to scrubbing. In daily life, you accidentally leave stains on the wall, and children sometimes leave their "graffiti" on the wall. After the paint with good performance is painted on the wall and dried, it should be washable with water, or even with detergent, soapy water, etc. This requires the paint to have the ability to withstand washing and wiping. This ability of the paint is called the scrub resistance of the paint. Of course, this is a very high requirement for the water resistance of the paint.

Also resistant to dry wiping. The dry scrub resistance and scrub resistance of the paint are similar in principle. They all examine how the paint adheres to the base wall, but the two forms are different. Scrub resistance as described above reflects the performance and endurance of the paint under wet rubbing conditions, while dry scrub resistance reflects the paint's ability to withstand touch and rubbing without water.

The most important thing is good adhesion. The premise of the previous functions is that the paint can be firmly attached to the wall. We generally have this kind of life experience. Sometimes you do n’t pay attention to which wall you lean on, and a lot of white powder is immediately on your clothes. We do n’t need experts to say that we also know that the quality of the paint on this wall is very poor. Because of the qualified paint, after it is painted on the wall and dried, it should be touched or rubbed vigorously by hand. There should be no white powder on the hand.
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