Legendary Roadside Stone Mold

.0000pt;text-align:justify;"> The charm of the city needs everyone to maintain, in order to make the city more colorful, Lu Yan stone mold plays an important role in this regard, then what is the quality of Lu Yan stone mold?

First, the molding process is not perfect, mainly in the convex and concave die forging billet quality is poor, heat treatment technology and process problems, resulting in convex, concave die hardened, there are soft spots and uneven hardness. Sometimes micro-cracking or even cracking occurs, grinding and polishing are not in place, and surface roughness is too large;

Second, the road stone mold structure design problems, die structure is not reasonable, slender punch is not designed to strengthen the device, the discharge port is not smooth piled up, unloading force over the ambassador to withstand alternating load increases;

Third, the mold steel is not refined, has a large number of smelting defects, convex and concave molds, forging billet forging process is not perfect, remains hidden heat treatment;

Fourth , the main work parts of the material, improper material selection, poor material properties, not wear .

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