Knowledge of Building Materials: Purchase and Advantages and Disadvantages of Cast Iron Bathtub

The cast iron bathtub is made of cast iron and its surface is covered with enamel. Therefore, the weight is very large. It is not easy to produce noise during use. Because the casting process is relatively complicated, the cast iron bathtub is generally relatively simple in shape and expensive.

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Due to the thick bathtub wall, the cast iron bathtub is characterized by excellent insulation properties and is favored by some consumers who value thermal insulation performance. However, in fact, 90% of the heat loss from the bathtub during bathing is due to the heat exchange between the surface and the air and heat radiation. Dissipated, only 10% of the heat is lost through the cylinder; in addition, such as water injection noise is low, easy to clean, acid and alkali and chemicals, high gloss, etc. Because of the various characteristics of the material molded into acrylic and so the material of the bathtub is not The advantage of overstepping. Therefore, the price of a cast iron bathtub is generally 2-3 times that of an acrylic bathtub. Their installation procedure is the same as the embedded bathtub, but the cast iron bathtub is much heavier, but it can be used almost for once, so buying a cast iron bathtub is a good choice.

Cast Iron Bathtub Characteristics: Cast iron and enamel are extremely durable materials. Bathtubs made of it are usually used for more than 50 years. Many cast iron bathtubs in foreign countries are used for generations. The surface of the cast iron bathtub is treated with high-temperature glazing, smooth and smooth, easy to clean. Cast iron bathtubs are 2-3 times more expensive for Bickerforce and steel tubs. This is also an important reason why it is difficult to popularize in the market.

The advantages and disadvantages of cast iron bathtub

The advantages of cast iron bathtub: clean and smooth, moist color, anti-fouling, water injection noise, easy to clean, durable;

Disadvantages of cast-iron bathtubs: The highest price, the color and shape are limited by the process, so the shape is relatively monotonous, and the color selection is relatively simple. Heavy weight, difficult to install and transport. Pay attention to the finish and flatness of the glazed surface when buying cast iron bathtubs.

At present, China is the world's largest producer of cast-iron bathtubs, and its products are exported to foreign countries. With the continuous increase of large-scale mass production and production technology, the price of cast iron bathtubs has been greatly reduced. For example, the ordinary length 1500mm size weight on the market is about 80kg and the price of enamel cast iron bathtubs has dropped to 800-1000 yuan.

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