Kitchen feng shui: kitchen decoration wealth is nothing but leakage

The kitchen is a place for cooking food. Therefore, decoration can directly affect the health and wealth of the body. Therefore, the importance of decoration is only second to the bedroom decoration. Here's how to introduce kitchen decoration to avoid feng shui.

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Principle 1 Avoid gas stoves not against the wall

There are a lot of gas stoves that are not leaning against the wall during the renovation, so when the lamp is used, the fumes will splash around, causing the kitchen to be suffocating, making yourself uninhibited and unsafe for use.

Principle II Avoid Kitchen Doors to Doors or Bathroom Doors

Decoration is to avoid the kitchen door to the door, kitchen door. It is easy for the kitchen door to form a hallway, and it is the most important type of bankruptcy.

Principle 3 Avoiding the refrigerator facing the gas stove

The sink cannot be connected to the gas stove. The colleague gas stove can not be opposite to the front of the sink, water dispenser or refrigerator, otherwise it will affect the family's family transportation and money.

Principle 4 Gas stoves cannot be installed on drains

Many first-floor tenants like to build houses behind their own homes and like to place the kitchen there, but the gas stove is above the drain. This will affect the health of the family and the unsuccessful business.

Principle 5 Gas stoves cannot be placed under beams

Gas stove under the beam, the food will make people sick and sick all year round.

Principle 6 It is best not to have windows between the range hood and the gas stove

If there is a window between the range hood and the gas stove, the outdoor wind will blow out the gas stove fire, which is not the desired effect of the range hood. It will also cause injuries.

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