Jiangxi Yihuang Su Jianguo County Magistrate visited the Tujia Abrasives Association

Abstract [China's superhard materials network Shao Honggui] On the morning of August 27th, Su Jianguo, county head of Yihuang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, assistant to the county magistrate, Zhonghua of the Investment Promotion Bureau, Ding Wuan, director of the County Administration of Industry and Commerce, and Hong Chuanfu, director of the county industrial park, He Xing Deng, general manager of Yihuang County Lemen Paper Co., Ltd....

[China's superhard material network Shao Honggui] On the morning of August 27th, Su Jianguo, the county magistrate of Yihuang County, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, the assistant to the county magistrate, the director of the China Merchants Bureau, Zhong Hua, the director of the county industrial and commercial bureau Ding Wuan, the director of the county industrial park, Hong Chuanfu, Yi He Xing Deng, general manager of Huangxian Lemen Paper Co., Ltd. visited the China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association Coated Abrasives Branch and invited the coated abrasive industry conference to be held in Yihuang, and was met by Secretary-General of the Association, Wang Mingyuan and Deputy Secretary Chen. The warm welcome of the Far East and the staff.

Conversation scene

In the reception room of the club, Su Jianguo first introduced to Wang Mingyuan the geographical location, natural environment, humanities and customs of Yihuang County, and described the economic development situation and investment attraction of Yihuang County in recent years: in recent years Yihuang County's economy is developing rapidly. The GDP growth rate from January to July this year is 21%, ranking second in Fuzhou City; industrial added value reached 701 million, and 75 enterprises with a scale of over 5 million yuan. Investment promotion has also achieved great results. Many foreign enterprises have taken advantage of the geographical environment and resource advantages of Yihuang County, and have invested and built factories in Yihuang County. For example, Dongguan Golden Sun Grinding Co., Ltd. of the coating industry has been in Yihuang. The county has established a production line. Zhengzhou Jia Abrasives Co., Ltd. has also reached a cooperation agreement with relevant departments of Yihuang County. The arrival of these enterprises has greatly promoted the economic development of Yihuang County.
Su Jianguo said with deep affection: In this year's government work report of the People's Congress of Yihuang County, I included this coating association's abrasive industry conference as the top priority for “recommend Yihuang, cooperate with enterprises to do economic work well”. We are the representatives of the 230,000 people in Yihuang County, so we attach great importance to this. We hope to take advantage of the meeting's Dongfeng to further gather the popularity of Yihuang County, attract investment with Yihuang County, and finally bring the people to the county. Bringing tangible blessings and hope that the Secretary-General will give him strong support and help.

Su Jianguo County Chief

Secretary-General Mingyuan said: As a government department, we have come to Zhengzhou to support our work. We are greatly moved. I will seriously discuss with the staff of the Association and I will give you a satisfactory answer.

Secretary General Wang Mingyuan

Secretary-General Wang Mingyuan cordially talks with the county magistrate Su Jianguo (from left: King Su Jian of Ming Dynasty)

Then the two sides discussed the impact of the meeting on the time of the meeting, the geographical location of Yihuang, the traffic conditions and the climatic conditions. Finally, the two sides unanimously stated that if the cooperation is successful, they will do their utmost to plan and open the meeting. We will strive to open a conference into a win-win meeting to promote Yihuang, develop Yihuang, and promote the coated industry.

From left: Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of Yihuang County, Zhong Huayi, General Manager of Huangxian Lemen Paper Co., Ltd. He Xing Deng

From left: Director of Yihuang County Industrial Park, Hong Chuanfu Yihuang County Bureau of Industry and Commerce Ding Wuan

Yihuang County is located in the eastern part of Jiangxi Province and the south of Fuzhou City. It is named after the county site is located at the confluence of Yishui and Huangshui. It is 158 kilometers from Nanchang, the provincial capital, 61 kilometers from Fuzhou, and 2 hours from Nanchang. A one-hour economic circle centered on Fuzhou. After the opening of the Yihuang section of Jifu Expressway during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the location conditions will be more superior. Yihuang County has a mild climate and beautiful environment. China South China Tiger Nature Reserve is located in Yihuang. It has a long history and culture. It is the hometown of a group of cultural celebrities such as Wang Anshi. Yihuang is also a famous revolutionary old district.

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