Is the car air purifier immune to smog?

  The ash weather in the past few days has nowhere to hide, and the air quality inside the car has become a topic of concern to car owners. The pollution source inside the car is not only volatile gases such as formaldehyde, but also the more popular PM2.5. The car air purifier is the new favorite of the car owner. It is understood that the correct use of air circulation, filtration, purification of car air conditioners can filter some harmful pollutants in the air inside the car, but the effect is limited, and many car owners also consider purchasing air purification equipment inside the car, then the car air purifier Is there immunity to smog?
Has the car air purifier been installed or the standard air purification function purchased, has it completely solved the problem of air quality inside the car? the answer is negative. According to Dongguan environmental protection related personnel, on the one hand, China's current air quality standards have not yet been officially introduced. Although many car purifiers claim that there are many different functions, the actual results are not necessarily very good, especially for some low-end products. It is impossible to absorb the suspended fine particles in the air. On the other hand, the pollution inside the car is mainly composed of three parts: the release of the interior decoration materials, the pollution of the vehicle into the vehicle and the pollutants emitted by the car itself. At present, the main function of the mainstream products on the market is to remove the odor inside the car. Lung particles, because of their small size, are not easily removed in a circulating, open environment. "The car air purifier may reduce the concentration of smog to a certain extent, but it only plays an auxiliary role.
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Is the car air purifier immune to smog?

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