Is it healthy if tap water boils?

Tap water is convenient, cheap, and unique. People use it all the time. According to the standards of the water plant, tap water itself can be directly consumed. Someone will immediately question whether the tap water is only for domestic use and cannot be used for drinking. This question is good. The outlet of tap water at the water plant is produced strictly in accordance with national standards. However, due to our domestic tap water, we have experienced secondary pollution through long water pipes and rooftop pools. When you reach the terminal, it is no longer convenient to drink. When we were young, there were people swimming in the Pearl River. At the time, there were only a few dozen kinds of pollutants in the rivers. Nowadays, with industrial development, there are 2700 pollutants in the Pearl River and most of them are chemical pollutants. In the process of treating water, the water plant must add chlorine, bleaching powder, etc. for treatment.

The residual chlorine in tap water will produce a carcinogen called chloroform when it boils water. Therefore, after boiling water, it is better to wait for more than ten minutes to let some of them evaporate.
In addition, harmful substances such as rust, silt, and heavy metals do not disappear with the death of bacteria in boiling water. In our daily diet, toxins in grains and water will enter the body with food, and some will be accumulated in the body while being partially excreted. Over many years, physical fitness weakens and chronic diseases arise.

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