Intermediate relay

The characteristics of the intermediate relay:

The relay is made up of a combination of high-quality sealed small relays with low coil voltage. It is moisture-proof, dust-proof, continuous, and has high reliability. It overcomes the shortcomings of the electromagnetic intermediate relay wires that are too thin and easy to break. The power consumption is small and the temperature rise is low. No need to attach high-power resistors, it can be installed and wired easily; relay contact capacity is large, working life is long; after the relay action, there is a light-emitting tube indication, which is convenient for on-site observation; delay can only be adjusted with the dial switch on the panel The delay precision is high, and the delay range can be arbitrarily set at 0.02-5.00S.

The purpose of the intermediate relay:

Intermediate relays are used in various protection and automatic control lines to increase the number of contacts and contact capacity in the protection and control loops.

Classification of intermediate relays:

Low current start intermediate relay

Static intermediate relay

Delay intermediate relay

Electromagnetic intermediate relay

Intermediate relay for elevator

Rail type intermediate relay

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