Identify the quality techniques of centrifugal glass wool felt

Centrifugal glass wool felt is the oldest and most versatile sound absorbing material. It is widely used in the sound insulation, heat preservation and fire prevention of light exterior wall insulation boards. Because it is usually used for the sound insulation of light exterior insulation boards. The typical structure of this lightweight exterior wall insulation board is: gypsum board + keel + centrifugal glass wool board + gypsum board centrifugal glass wool board here plays the sound absorption function, the absorption part of the sound wave passing through the gypsum board can be reduced The sound waves are reflected back and forth in the cavity formed between the gypsum board, the keel and the gypsum board, so as to improve the sound insulation of the outer wall insulation board.

The density of centrifugal glass wool felt sold in the building materials market generally does not exceed 60kg/m3, the sound insulation effect is not good and the hand feel is very soft, and it is easy to completely lose its soundproof function due to sagging;

The amount of glue - the special centrifugal glass wool felt board is hand-continued to ensure the uniformity and strength of the cotton layer. It is pressed by such high temperature and does not need to add too much adhesive, so that the centrifugal glass wool can be well maintained. The fire performance of the felt. The centrifugal glass wool felt sold in the building materials market adds a large amount of glue to maintain the strength at low density, which not only reduces the fireproof performance, but also causes the centrifugal glass wool felt to sag and sag;

Dimensions - special centrifugal glass wool felt board is convenient for construction. According to the standard spacing of the keel, the width is determined to be 800mm, 600mm, 400mm, etc., so that it is not necessary to cut the price of the A-grade fireproof rock wool board during construction. Therefore, the stimuli of the centrifugal glass wool felt scraps are reduced. After the optimized design, the special centrifugal glass wool felt board of the mute treasure partition wall can improve the sound insulation effect of the light external wall insulation board by more than 10 decibels.

The Carbon Crystal Heating Panel is a new kind of heating product. The heating meaterial is made from carbon crystal which is better than carbon fiiber. The heating effect is the best among the electric heaters. 

The Carbon Crystal Heater has many advantages, such as clean, and beautiful looking, and not any pollution, and no noise.

The using of this heater is for example:  a 20m2 room will need about 1500 - 2000w, the choose then can be 4pcs x 400w or 4pcs x 500w.

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