How to paste wallpaper

At present, there are many materials for wall decoration on the market, such as paint, integrated wall and so on. Wallpaper is one of them. Not only is it environmentally friendly, it is also more convenient to construct, and you can also paste it yourself. So how do you paste the wallpaper? What are the steps for wallpapering ? Let's take a look with the editor.

1. Steps to paste wallpaper-check wall quality

First check the wall surface, to keep the wall dry and flat, and its pH is moderate. In addition, if the wall has been painted or treated with moisture-proof materials, you must wait for it to dry naturally for 15 working days before you can paste the wallpaper.

Second, the wallpapering steps-do a good job of ground protection

In general, when the wallpaper construction is carried out, the ground has been decorated, so when laying wallpaper, a layer of plastic film should be laid on the ground, so that not only can prevent the falling glue from soiling the ground, but also protect the ground .

3. Steps to paste wallpaper-measure wall area

Measure the size of the wall to be paved and calculate the amount of wallpaper.

Fourth, the wallpaper step-cut wallpaper

When cutting the wallpaper, its single frame length should be more than ten centimeters longer than the wall length. In addition, you can save the remaining part of the cut wallpaper, which can be used for later use. If the wall is a whole, and there is a beam in the middle, then the beam does not need to be covered with wallpaper, so the effect will be better.

Fifth, the wallpaper paste steps-wallpaper glue softening

Use a spatula to apply the glue evenly to the back of the wallpaper, then fold the wallpaper in half, then let it soften for a while. Secondly, in the process of gluing, it is necessary to lay a protective tape on the wallpaper, so as to effectively prevent the wallpaper layer from getting glued.

Sixth, the wallpaper paste steps-wallpaper paving

During the construction of the wallpaper, auxiliary equipment can be used to achieve vertical construction, and the upper and lower edges should be a little more. Secondly, the spreading action should be fast to prevent the glue from drying out. If the glue of the pasted wallpaper is dry and has been adhered to the wall, remember to never tear the wallpaper and correct it.

7. Steps to paste wallpaper-wallpaper trimming and cleaning

If you encounter wallpaper with patterns, you should pay attention to the alignment of the patterns in the overlapping parts, and cut the overlapping parts. Secondly, in the place of the wire switch panel, the wallpaper should be smoothed. And the splicing of the wallpaper should be scraped out of the excess glue with a scraper, and then wiped clean with a sponge in time.

Editor's summary: The editor of the wallpapering step has been introduced here, hoping to bring help to my friends. Wallpaper is one of the more popular wall decorations at present, so in normal use, it must be cleaned and maintained frequently in order to effectively increase its service life.

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