How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of six common home improvement building materials

Many home-improvement consumers have reported that nowadays the transfer to large and small building materials cities will lead to an unattractive selection of building materials. First, the new term is confusing and people cannot figure out the actual quality. Second, the homogeneity between different brands is severe. The characteristics of each are not significant, and it is not clear which one is better.

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1. Reinforced wood floor wear rotation and formaldehyde release is still a hub

Laminated wood floors are treated with pressure to overcome the weaknesses of solid wood flooring's shrinkage and wetting. Patterns are rich in colors, and maintenance is simple. Its surface finish and high wear resistance are the most important features. However, some laminate floors have not reached the most basic national scale. According to the national quality standards, the amount of formaldehyde released from qualified wood floors shall not exceed 1.5 mg/L, and the number of surface wear cycles shall be ≥ 6,000 rotations. However, at present, the amount of formaldehyde released from some laminate wood floors exceeds the scale, and some wear rotations only have more than 100 turns. This not only severely affects the service life of the floor, but also easily becomes the source of pollution in the home.

2. Paint's harmful substance content and hiding power can not be ignored

Whether latex paint is still a wood lacquer, the safety function that is the content of toxic and hazardous substances is the most need to pay attention to, VOC, benzene, toluene, xylene, heavy metal content and other harmful substances in the paint will cause harm to the human body.

When selecting latex paint, in addition to asking for environmental protection material testing lectures, the company also selects coatings with strong adhesion, strong hiding power, fine texture, resistance to chalking, waterproof, anti-mildew, and easy-to-wash according to different needs. , In order to reduce the appearance of fine cracks in the wall, paint film peeling, mold and other phenomena.

3. Tiles have no radiation intrusion, and the wear resistance and warpage degree are the key points

The problem of tile radiation once became the most worrying topic for consumers. Good tile glazed surfaces should be smooth, delicate, shiny and shiny, and scratching tiles with sharp objects will not leave scratches; percussion tiles, the more brittle the sound, the higher the degree of porcelainity and density, the better the hardness; observe the side of the tiles Whether it is straight or not, warping will affect the firmness of the tiles.

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