How to find PANTOEN color number in Photoshop?

How to find PANTOEN color number in Photoshop?
Friends who do design often face customer requirements. Sometimes customers provide the corresponding Pantone number, and the high and low temperature test chambers require corresponding design. Beginners may be the same as I did at the beginning, I can't find the Pantone color number.
First, introduce AI first
1. Those who are familiar with the design should master this software.
First, open the AI. Create a new rectangle. As shown below:

2. Click on “Swatch” and the icon will appear. Click on the icon in the red circle to find the color book in the drop-down menu. As shown below:

3. Select the corresponding Pantone card series, here is Solid Coated. The Pantone color board will appear. Mouse over the color block to see the corresponding Pantone number, find the Pantone color number you need. In addition, hold down the Shift key + click on the fill color in the picture to quickly call up the Pantone color number used by the selected box. As shown below:

Second, Phot leveling instrument oshop
1. Open the PS, call up the color picker, and select “Color Library”. As shown below:

2, the corresponding color library panel will pop up; you can select the Pantone color card series disperser you need in the drop-down menu. Click on the color you want. As shown below:

Note: Due to the difference in computer monitors and the color resolution differences carried by the software's own bar coater, there will be some color error. If it is a large amount of printing needs, it is best to note the required Pantone color number in the printed design. In this way, the printer will perform color comparison based on the color number to reduce the chromatic aberration.

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