How to decorate a stylish kitchen

Modern people in the pursuit of spiritual world, more and more attention to eating, kitchen decoration quality has a great impact on the quality of family life, how to install a stylish kitchen? Five strokes teach you how to put out the kitchen fashion space.

The move of a kitchen is the key

If conditions permit, Ming Kitchen is a magic weapon to solve kitchen fumes, so you must not ignore the kitchen with windows for those who are choosing a house. Because the window can enhance the convection of the indoor air and let the soot disperse as quickly as possible, the position of the window and the direction of the airflow are also very important. When opening the window, be sure to close the kitchen door to the restaurant, otherwise the fumes will "slip" into the room. Inside the house.

Move 2 to choose a new non-stick pot

Don't underestimate the cooking pot, it often becomes the "culprit" of the fumes. The traditional wok needs a big fire to heat up. It takes a long time to get a natural smoke. It is better to buy a new non-stick pot. It usually uses a flat bottom. The heating area is large, the heat transfer is uniform, and the heating is rapid, and the high temperature can be reached in an instant. As long as a little oil is put, the delicious food can be cooked, and it is not easy to paste the pot. This method is actually the easiest. When you go to the supermarket to buy a new pot in the past year, it will be a hundred and eighty yuan.

Move three to add "small private room"

For those who love Chinese food, a good way to solve the fumes is to separate the open fire stoves, that is, to separate the stoves from a small single room near the window, or to place a cooktop on the balcony adjacent to the kitchen. In this way, there is another window in the cooking space, which can make the fumes quickly dissipate, and the "bad" fumes are blocked outside the room. For homes designed as open kitchens, this method is no better, because after opening, the kitchen and the living room are integrated, the fumes are easily spread, and it is better to change the stoves separately for the New Year. There is no smell of smoked eyes in the house anymore.

Move four to replace the gas stove with induction cooker

The main reason why there is no fumes in western kitchens is not that they do not fry, but that they use a different stove than the Chinese. They like to use microwave ovens. There is no soot. Microwave ovens may be more for Chinese people. It is used for hot dishes, but rarely likes the taste of dishes made with microwave ovens. The induction cooker is a new cooking tool. Its main function is to avoid the black smoke emerging from the gas, and the thermal efficiency of the induction cooker is very high, which can greatly shorten the cooking time and naturally reduce the generation of soot. Induction cookers are currently used in many open kitchen designs to reduce soot. It was a very simple matter to change the induction cooker for yourself before, and a simple change would make your kitchen life completely different. î—™

Five styles of cooking with warm fire

Cooking is about learning. It needs to be both full of color and fragrance, and it should be suitable for health. In a fast modern life, healthy food is more important. From the perspective of nutrition, the method of cooking not only reduces the loss of nutrients but also preserves the original taste of the vegetables. For example, “package soup” is a simple and nutritious method.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this method is that it has changed the cooking method of the past fire, and naturally reduced the generation of soot. Although this method has changed our cooking habits, it changes for the sake of health and less smoke. It is also worth it. Especially in the Spring Festival, we do some nutritious and delicious food for our family. Although the taste has changed, the love for our family is unchanged. î—™

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