How to choose a reliable automatic soldering machine? How to maintain?

Since the automatic soldering machine entered the workshop of the electronics factory, more and more people want to know what to pay attention to when buying an automatic soldering machine. How to do routine maintenance? Here, the key electronics in Dongguan are first, there are many types and specifications of automatic soldering. Of course, Dongguan key electronics factory can also develop and produce according to your needs. Solder components vary in size, so proper and reasonable selection of soldering machine power and type is of paramount importance, which is critical to the quality and efficiency of soldering. When welding consumable components or integrated circuits, we can choose 45W ~ 75W external thermal iron, or 50W internal heat. When welding large components, more than 100w soldering machine should be used. At the same time, the soldering iron must be able to solder when it is necessary to have enough temperature, otherwise there will be more cases of virtual soldering.
Secondly, the application of automatic soldering machine should pay attention to the fact that the solder joint should not be too saturated and should be in the middle of three or four points. Otherwise, if the tin point is too large, it is easy to break the solder joint with the next side, and the tin should be small and semicircular with the component foot. Shape, so that the welding of the circuit board is neat, is also the best. Moreover, the soldering machine lead wire should not be too thin and too long, the voltage drop during soldering should not be greater than 5% of the initial voltage, and gloves and protective glasses should be worn during operation. If the newly purchased welding machine has a quality problem of the main parts within half a month, it can be replaced with key electronic contacts. Do not put the soldering iron on the sponge during the soldering process. Just place the tin on the soldering iron into the tin box to keep the temperature of the soldering iron tip from dropping rapidly. Finally, after the soldering machine is used up every day, clean it first, then add enough tin, and then cut off the power immediately. This helps the machine's lifespan grow.
Automatic soldering machine as long as you operate properly, usually pay attention to maintenance, its life cycle is generally longer. Moreover, manufacturers of automatic soldering machines generally provide on-site repair services, and feel that you can rest assured that Dongguan Changan key electronics factory is located in the world factory - Dongguan. It integrates R&D, production and sales, and has two brands: “STAROBOT robot” and “ELET Yilite”. Specialized production of automatic soldering robot, screw fastening automation, dispensing automation, torque tester, automatic soldering iron tip and various soldering iron tips.
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High Tenacity and High Modulus PE Fiber, called as UHMWPE fiber, is high-tech fiber in 1990s. Regarded as one of the worlds three high performance fibers (carbon fiber, aramid fiber and PE fiber).

UHMWPE fiber possesses such characteristics as high molecular weight, high degree of orientation and high crystallization. And its tenacity is 15 times over steel and 10 times over normal chemical fiber. Besides its also low density, high modulus, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outstanding anti-impact and anti-incision. It's the highest tenacity and lowest density bulletproof material in the world.

UHMWPE fiber is widely used in national defense equipment such as tank, armored car, bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof jacket, cut-resistance jacket, cut-resistant gloves and fabric; and also used in composites field such as composites materials for aviation and spaceflight, ropes for navy vessel, trawling net, ocean cage against winds and waves, sports equipment and construction projects.

Ballistic Material

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