How to choose 4C knowledge introduction of diamond selection drill

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Everyone likes diamonds, so how to buy diamonds, this article will introduce you to how to buy diamonds 4C knowledge.
How to buy diamonds
The size of the diamond is the most important. But this is not the only factor that affects the quality and price of the diamond. In addition to the carat weight, the quality of the cut, the color and the clarity are the same as the value of the diamond. In particular, the quality of the cut can not be ignored, more people call the cut the second life of diamonds, according to GIA standards, cuts can be divided into five levels:
1, Excellent or Ideal / Ideal cut - only 3% of the best quality diamonds can reach the standard.
2, Very Good / very good cut - recently seems to be ideal cut, about 15% of diamonds meet this cut standard. .
3, Good / good cut - the price is lower than the cut diamonds of very good level. Approximately 25% of diamonds meet this cut-off standard.
4, Fair / general cut - about 35% of diamonds meet this cut standard.
5, Poor / poor cut
Cutting has a great influence on the price and fire of diamonds. When choosing diamonds, don't buy diamonds that are cut to save money, at least in the VG level.
How to choose 4C knowledge introduction of diamond selection drill
1, Color {color}
Tips: D color to H color is selected the most times, the value is higher.
2, Clarity { clarity}
Tips: SI1 or above diamonds, less, the most cost-effective.
3, Carat { score}
Tips: 30 points have obvious fire color, 50 points or more has the value-added function.
4, Cut {Cutwork}
Tips: Choosing EX or VG cuts can make diamond fires appear perfectly.

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