How should sandy soil be fertilized?

In the cultivation of greenhouse vegetables, if the shed is a sandy soil, most of them will leak and leak. The reporter learned from the Shouguang City Soil and Fertilizer Testing and Research Center that the hydrolyzable nitrogen and available potassium in the sandy soil generally do not reach the standard of vegetable growth, and the most suitable hydrolyzed nitrogen. Under normal circumstances, the loss of each element is the largest in nitrogen, followed by potassium, and the least amount of phosphorus and trace elements is lost, mainly because phosphorus is easily fixed, but the fixed phosphorus is not absorbed. The state, while the trace elements are originally low in content, once lost, it is easy to be missing. Therefore, in the cultivation of vegetables on sandy soil, it is necessary not only to master the correct fertilization method, but also to fertilize according to the degree of loss of different elements.

Nitrogen fertilizer is the most easily lost fertilizer because of its own characteristics. The nitrogen fertilizer applied in the sandy soil is only absorbed and utilized by a small part of the soil. Most of the nitrogen fertilizer has penetrated into the deep layer of the soil and lost its nutritional value. . Therefore, nitrogen fertilizer is most suitable for application by "eat less meals".

Although the loss of potassium fertilizer is not as good as that of nitrogen fertilizer, it cannot be ignored. In the topdressing, it is necessary to use quick-acting potassium fertilizer to facilitate the absorption of roots, reduce residue and loss and avoid waste. Nitrogen and potassium fertilizers can also be blended in the soil for application, which can avoid the excessive loss of nutrients and improve the soil.

Phosphate fertilizer and trace elements can be combined with a large amount of high-quality organic fertilizer for bottom application. The increase of organic matter in the soil can retain some nutrients, and the microorganisms can slowly decompose and release the fixed phosphorus element for vegetable absorption, and have a good effect of improving soil. .
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