How quickly can you quickly renovate your house?

After the new house has just been renovated, everyone can't wait to move to a new home. Actually, such a practice is not correct. Because during the home improvement process, we will use a variety of decoration materials. These materials will have more or less toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, ethylene, benzene, etc., and these materials have a long cycle of volatilization, if not resolved in time, The harm to the human body is incalculable. Next, come with me to understand how fast it is possible to renovate the house.

What are the hazards of prematurely renovating a house?

The common home improvement materials on the market today are: paint, wood, plywood, etc. They all contain different levels of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, and TVOC. Although the toxic substances in the room will slowly fade after a period of shelving, toxic substances remain in the room. If you stay at once, you have a strong irritant effect on the skin, and it is also prone to respiratory diseases, headaches, and even cancer. For pregnant women, miscarriage and fetal malformation are easy. For adolescents, it is easy to lose concentration, reduce immunity, and even cause cancer.

How long can quickly renovate a house?

In fact, the check-in time is based on the degree of indoor air pollutants. If the new house has just been installed and the air quality test is satisfactory, you can immediately stay. On the contrary, if half a year or even more than one year does not meet the standard, it is not advisable to move in immediately. Therefore, there is no uniform standard for how long it will take for a new home to reside after this renovation. According to most families, some stay for half a year and stay for months, depending on the treatment of toxic gases in the room.

1. How quickly can a pregnant woman stay in a house?

For special people, of course, the better you stay late, the better. But at least three months or more, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the baby is in an unstable period, toxic substances have a certain impact on pregnant women, it is recommended to stay after six months, if you do not want to wait, it is recommended to open the window ventilation every day, Or place indoor plants that absorb toxic gases easily.

2, how long can quickly renovate the house baby can stay

For families with babies, it is best not to move into a new home immediately. It is recommended that you stay for more than six months and then check in. Even if you pay more attention to the choice of decoration materials, there are more or less toxic substances. After the renovation, it is recommended to open the window every day to ventilate and put more green plants. If economic conditions permit, it is best to purchase an air purifier, and everyone will feel more at ease when they check in.

Quick renovation of the house to stay in small tips

1, window ventilation

To quickly move into a new home, ventilation is a method that is economical and affordable. Frequently ventilated windows can accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde, but this method is not very effective and does not completely remove formaldehyde.

2, plants in addition to formaldehyde

Placing a large number of green plants indoors can effectively adsorb formaldehyde. The common green plants on the market today are: green radish, spider plant, tequila, etc. They are all good players for adsorbing formaldehyde. However, the adsorption capacity of plants is also limited and can only play a supporting role. However, raising some vegetation in the home is still good. It is not only green but also plays a decorative role.

3, physical methods in addition to formaldehyde

As we all know, activated carbon has many uses, especially in air purification. And activated carbon is also very convenient to use, so it is favored by most people. After a period of window opening and ventilation, formaldehyde can be effectively discharged to the outdoors. At this time, the use of activated carbon will have an effect that will be less effective.

Editor's summary: The above is about how quickly the house can be renovated . After moving into a new home, you still have to observe the family's health. If you find that you are living in a new home, the immunity of your family is worse than before, it is easy to get sick, and you lose appetite. When you are prone to death, raised pets and other symptoms, you must pay attention to this time.

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