How much do you know about simple and pure Zen furniture?

Gabriel Tan Studio is a design firm that spans the fields of craftsmanship, culture and technology and was founded by Gabriel Tan.

Tan's dream was to become an airplane pilot, but he ignited enthusiasm for design during his naval service, and soon returned to study industrial design at the National University of Singapore.

â–³ Gabriel Tan

Tan also won awards including the IDEA Award of the American Society of Industrial Designers for his own efforts. His works are exhibited in various countries and regions.

He advocates "people-oriented", the work is simple but full of Zen, taking into account the beauty and functionality.

Aer for Menu

The Aer vase is inspired by the spiral movement of air. The surface's curvature of the light refracts the light, making it appear ethereal and very charming.

Stove for Blå Station

Stove is a three-legged chair with a simple shape suitable for all occasions requiring a stool. It can also be put up, saving space when not in use, comfortable and practical.

Fruit Altars for Wallpaper * Handmade

This is a fruit container designed by Tan for the Wallpaper * Handmade Wellness + Wonder exhibition at Milan Design Week 2018. The rattan elements are very simple, and the changing curves add a modern touch to it.

Sahara for Abstracta

Tan created cork wall panels with excellent acoustic performance. It is simple and natural, like a miniature desert, visually with a dynamic geometric beauty.


The next seven pieces of furniture were designed by Tan for the Japanese new furniture brand Ariake. Chairs and benches are a combination of manual and modern technology, and the form also combines the details of classic and new joinery. A variety of woven materials are used to make them perfectly blend with a variety of spaces.

The special feature of this cabinet is that its drawer handle is connected by a dovetail. When all drawers are closed, the handles are vertically aligned to form a straight line.

This sideboard is inspired by traditional Japanese houses, with sliding glass doors, fine workmanship, and very attractive.

The design of these shelves was inspired by the firework installation created by Cai Guoqiang. The curved ends of the legs are reminiscent of a rope ladder hanging from the sky.

This multifunctional furniture can be folded into a coat rack and can also be used as a partition.

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