How Emergency Teams Should Strengthen Accident Rescue Capacities

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With the rapid development of social economy, the total amount of social motor vehicles and road construction mileage have steadily increased. Convenient traffic conditions have brought about a huge flow of people's travel and goods, but there have been a large number of road traffic accidents. Talk about how to strengthen the ability of fire officers and soldiers to strengthen rescue capabilities in traffic accidents:

First, we must carry out hillside salvation training and carry out various preparations before rescue operations.

When carrying out rescue operations in the mountains, the difficulties are much greater than in the plains. Therefore, we must strengthen familiarity with the conditions of the area, understand the basic structure of the mountainous areas and the causes and types of events that are prone to distress, and further grasp the mountain climbing path so that accidents can occur after the accident. The team can rush to the scene in the first time to implement effective relief for people in distress. In addition, rescue workers should also carry out targeted hill rescue training to fully prepare for the implementation of rescue work.

1 It is necessary to actively carry out rescue technology training in conjunction with the equipped emergency equipment . In peacetime rescue training, rescue officers and soldiers should seriously carry out the training of rope rescue, vertical rescue, diagonal rescue, tripod support and stretcher rescue, and further familiarize themselves with rescue techniques, procedures and procedures. At the same time, we should further require rescue officers and soldiers to identify maps, detect and search for people in distress under complex conditions, and conduct self-protection and on-site emergency rescue and other techniques to comprehensively strengthen the team's mountain rescue work and continuously improve the team's cliff rescue. Technology and level.

2 It is necessary to do a good job of pacifying the trapped. After being trapped, the normally trapped people are all unconscious and have a great desire to survive. As a result, trapped people often call and struggling on the scene, increasing the physical strength of the injured and increasing the difficulty of rescue. At this time, the firefighters must reassure the wounded and, in a safe situation, assist the wounded relatives or doctors in assisting the wounded to stabilize their emotions and cooperate with the rescue work.

3 It is necessary to standardize the operational procedures for hillside rescue training, prepare procedures for the handling of various types of accidents and rescues, provide effective basis for daily training, coordinate the departments involved in rescue operations and rescue personnel, optimize resource allocation, and reduce Blindness in the rescue.

4 It is necessary to hold training courses for hill rescue training. As the current rescue of the cliffs is still in the immature stage, it is very important to invite rescue personnel and experts with expertise and experience in the rescue of the cliffs to provide training for rescue workers, especially in the mountainous areas and fire fighting teams in areas where there are more incidents. . Through training and explanation, the rescue officers and soldiers will earnestly enhance their perceptions of the rescue of the cliffs, and initially grasp how to carry out rescue operations more safely, more accurately, more quickly, and more professionally under the premise of ensuring the safety of personnel.

Second, establish an effective rescue agency to build a unified command and rescue system.

In order to further strengthen the prevention and coordination capabilities and continuously improve the rapid response capability of the rescue, I believe that fire protection agencies at all levels should further improve the emergency rescue mechanism. Emergency rescue teams should be set up in areas where hilly areas are prone to accidents (government full-time). (team), formulate emergency rescue plans, rationally allocate fire fighting, medical, and public security departments to provide disaster relief resources, and give full play to the combined forces of rescue forces to effectively improve the reaction speed and disposition capacity of emergency traffic accidents on the mountain cliffs.

Third, actively prepare personnel and equipment equipment reserves.

On the one hand, it is the fire equipment and equipment that play a key role in the rescue process, especially the special equipment equipment. The equipment and equipment provided by the rescue team should have strong pertinence, practicality, and operability. They should mainly include the following aspects: First, protective equipment, including stab-resistant gloves, non-slip gloves, bust straps, body slings, and limbs. Body fixed airbags and various types of safety ropes, etc.; second, traction equipment, including winches, hoists, triangle brackets, and descent devices; and third, emergency rescue equipment, including first aid kits and devices for hemostasis, fixation, and dressing. Drugs, etc.; Rope connection equipment; and V. Other auxiliary equipment, including portable lighting, altitude meters, maps, etc.

On the other hand, the handling of mountain cliff traffic accidents is very difficult, and it has high requirements for the rescue personnel's own psychological, physical and operational qualities. To further improve the combat capability of emergency rescue and rescue, to minimize the number of casualties and economic losses, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening With regard to the training and reserve of personnel, it is necessary to send some personnel with good physical and professional qualities to participate in the rescue team. These personnel should be relatively fixed.

In short, for the handling of general and complex traffic accidents, the fire officers and men must also be careful in carrying out the rescue and at the same time require us to study their laws with great concentration, master business knowledge, master scientific procedures and tactical principles, and protect the personnel of the combatants. Security can accomplish the task of extinguishing fires and rescues, and truly achieve the purpose of establishing and setting up an emergency rescue team.

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