Housekeeping Tips: Blank Room Inspection Program

First, look at the exterior: exterior facades, exterior wall tiles and coatings, unit doors, and corridors.

Second, check the interior: entrance doors, doors, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, wall tiles, floor tiles, upper and lower water, waterproof storage,

Strong and weak electricity, heating, gas, ventilation, exhaust, exhaust.

Third, after the adjacent test: Closed water test, water meter idling and other issues must be upstairs with the neighbors downstairs.

Home inspection tools:

First, measuring tools: 5m box ruler, 25 ~ 33cm square ruler, 50 ~ 60cm T-foot ruler, 1m ruler

Second, the electric clamp tool: with two and three plug plugs (ie, with indicator socket); all kinds of plugs: telephone, television, broadband; multimeter; shaking table; multi-purpose screwdriver ("-" word and "+" Word); No. 5 battery 2 section, test pencil; hand hammer; hammer; headlight, small lamp

Third, auxiliary tools: mirrors, flashlights, plastic bags, paper + matches, toilet paper, stools, paper pens

Inspection room special tools: vertical inspection ruler; multifunctional inner and outer right-angle inspection ruler; multi-functional vertical corrector; vernier feeler; diagonal inspection ruler; mirror;

Home inspection tools

1) 1 plastic wash basin - for acceptance of the sewage pipeline

2) 1 small hammer - used to check whether the wall and floor of the house is empty

3) 1 feeler gauge - used to measure the width of cracks

4) 1 5 meter tape - used to measure the net height of the house

5) 1 Multimeter - used to test whether all strong electrical outlets and weak electricity are unimpeded

6) 1 calculator --- for calculating data

7) 1 pen - for signature

8) 1 broom - used for cleaning indoor hygiene

9) 1 small stool and some newspapers, plastic tapes, and packing ropes - used for a long time, you can take a break and seal the sewers in advance.

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