Hong Kong wine and food ceremonies changed to glass, material can be reduced plastic cup

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The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), which hosted the Hong Kong Food and Drink Awards, said on October 24 that plastic cups were used in outdoor areas at the suggestion of the Hong Kong Police. However, after discussion, it was decided to amend the arrangement and the glass could be fully used. It is estimated that the distribution of 75,000 disposable plastic cups will be reduced.

According to a comprehensive Hong Kong media report, the Hong Kong Food and Wine Festival will be held at the Central Waterfront Event Space from 26 to 29, according to the scheme announced by the HKTB. The plastic cup can only be used in the outdoor area. After the announcement, it will be followed by the environmental protection group. Criticized with wine tasting experts.

On the 24th, the HKTB announced an amendment arrangement. The HKTB said that the Bureau has been fighting for the police to fully use the glass in the venue. The police have feedback safety measures from time to time. Therefore, after the authorities promised to upgrade the security measures, the police agreed that the glass could be fully used in the venue. Nearly 100 staff members will be patrolled on the venue, seven times more than last year. The entrance will also arrange spot checks on backpacks.

The HKTB said that about 100,000 plastic cups had been prepared for use in the event. After adopting the new arrangement, it is estimated that only 25,000 plastic cups will be distributed, and the remaining plastic cups will be reserved for future use. Nearly 100 environmental ambassadors will be assisted in patrolling and a number of large-scale sorting bins will be set up.

The HKTB also introduced that there are about 400 food and beverage stalls in this year's wine and food festival, which is expected to attract 140,000 people to enter the market.

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